How to reset the Check Engine Light on the 1997 Honda Accord by OBD tool

Automotive Cars How to reset the Check Engine Light on the 1997 Honda Accord by OBD tool

The 1997 Honda Accord comes with the second generation of onboard diagnostics, known as OBD 2. This diagnostics technology was applied to all passenger cars manufactured after the year 1996 and standardized the equipment needed so as to diagnose check-engine light codes. While the diagnostic equipment that you connect to your car's OBD port was once expensive to buy, as the years have progressed, OBD 2 is now in full operation and the scanners and tools have been made affordable for home mechanics and do-it-yourself repair enthusiasts.
You'll Need OBD 2 scanner OBD 2 trouble codes guide for this job.
Remove the ashtray from the center instrument panel of the 1997 Honda Accord. Set the ashtray aside.
Connect the plug of the OBD 2 scanner into the diagnostic/data link connector (DLC) now revealed by your removal of the ashtray.
Put the key in the ignition and turn the key two clicks forward to the "II" position-also known as the KOEO (key-on/engine-off) position.
Follow the user manual of the OBD 2 scanner to decide which code(s) have caused the Check Engine light (also known as the malfunction indicator light or MIL) to illuminate. While there are kinds of OBD 2 scanners with different operational procedures, most are quite simple to use. Most employ a scroll button or two to scroll through the onscreen menu of the OBD 2 scanner, and most supply a "read code" or "read DTC (diagnostic trouble code)" option.
Press the Enter or Send button to retrieve the code when the scanner has been chose to the "read code" or "read DTC" option. Some scanners may take several seconds to retrieve the data through the Accord's electronic control module.
Base on the number(s) of the trouble code(s) to an online trouble codes website to get more information about the trouble code. Some high-end scanners will give a brief description of the trouble code on the onscreen menu. For more information, you can search for online.

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