How to Get a Great Deal on Auto Insurance

Automotive Auto Insurance How to Get a Great Deal on Auto Insurance

You better shop around. Do you recall that old song from years ago? This is great advice if you're looking for car insurance. Actually, you should look around for competitive auto insurance rates every single year. Please don't just keep on paying the bill over and over without comparison shopping. The following are a few ideas to aid you in getting the best rate possible on your car insurance policy.

Insurance agents for the most part, really have a great deal of leeway. They can price match and they can also offer up many discounts. I'll bet you didn't know that some of the choices that you make about your policy, could save you a ton of money. For example, if you change your deductible on your collision from a $50 deductible to a $1000 deductible, you're going to receive a huge premium savings. If you can't come up with $1000 out of pocket, then switch it to a $500 deductible; you'll still save a good amount on your annual premium payment.

You can also get additional savings if you change your comprehensive deductible. More often than not people needlessly carry full coverage on their older vehicle. They got full coverage for this vehicle when they purchased it new, and to this day, continue to pay the same high rate. Their eight year old vehicle may only be worth $1000 or less, yet they needlessly continue to pay $250-$450 every six months (total $500 to $900 dollars a year) to keep full coverage on their old vehicle.
Unfortunately, the insurance company is only going to pay them the wholesale value of the automobile if they are involved in an accident and their vehicle is totaled. The amount of money they would receive might be $1000 or less. For a vehicle that old, it is probably best to just have the insurance that protects the other person in the event of an accident.

Here's another idea to save money on your insurance, try combining your vehicles and other insurance together to receive additional savings. Most insurance companies provide a multi-car discount (if yours doesn't, it's time to kick that insurance company to the curb). In fact, Many insurance companies will give you a greater discount, if you have your homeowners or renters policy with them.

Here's, yet another discount that you may not be aware of. Make sure you are getting the correct rate for your age. Insurance companies provide discounts for various ages than could save you a lot of money. This is something to discuss with your agent one on one. Alarm systems on your automobile typically yield a discount as well. Also, having anti-lock brakes and air bags on your vehicle can also help lower your premiums.

Don't just continue paying your invoice month after month. Be proactive when up comes to your insurance rates, call your agent and see if you can save some money on your insurance premiums. No one should needlessly pay more for auto insurance than the have to.
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