How Safe Are Your Truck Batteries

Automotive Trucks How Safe Are Your Truck Batteries

Truck batteries are a type of lead-acid battery which powers not just trucks but the majority of automotive equipment such as cars, wheelchairs, tractors, and motorcycles. These type of batteries are shaped similar to a rectangle and have sulfuric acid in them which if exposed to the skin burns it on contact.

Recycling is the top way of the disposal of truck batteries as there are numerous components to the battery which can be used again.

There are numerous benefits from the correct disposal of truck batteries in the procedure of recycling. There are many metals which make truck batteries which can be recycled. These metals can be used to create additional batteries. This is also the case for the plastics that are recovered from recycled batteries as it can be used all over again as well to make other products.
Considering that truck batteries have sulfuric acid in them there are some ways to be extra cautious in their disposal. Make certain to handle the batteries with gloves that are leather or acid resistant. Anything that produces a spark or a flame ought to be kept away from truck batteries when they are being recycled.
Do not place anything metal on top of the batteries as this can produce sparks which can lead to a fire. Before handling the battery get rid of everything metallic such as rings and chains. In handling truck batteries make certain that the battery stays appropriate side up as to not spill any of the acid that the battery holds.

When you are transporting batteries for recycling purposes use a container for carrying the battery that is non metallic and does not leak. Batteries that do have a leak in them ought to be neutralized by scattering baking soda or calcium carbonate on the area and after that flush the vicinity well with water.
In the event that spilled acid contacts the skin make certain to wash out the area that the acid touches with water right away. Afterwards you ought to visit a medical doctor or an emergency room if the burning persists.

When you are buying truck batteries make inquiries concerning the disposal of an old one as a lot of retailers, which sell truck batteries, will accept the old ones which they recycle. They might also markdown the cost of the new battery since you are trading in the old one.

Around 96 percent of all lead, which can be found in any automotive battery, is in due course recycled. Even though this is a high number there are still lots of truck batteries, as well as other lead based kinds, that are not stored correctly. Around 20 percent of all the households in the United States stores at least one type of battery from an automobile or truck. This number amounts to approximately 30 to 40 million second-hand lead based batteries that are not stored suitably or recycled.
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