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Saving money is like art. You can save on the right spot or then you can save on the very wrong spot.

I think I did the last one without even knowing it. I had a summer tire set to go with my car that I had been using for a while. This tire set I got from Vianor and on top of that I got great service as well.

When I realized that I needed to change tires I actually found an offer that was offering really cheap tires that were supposed to be as good as the ones I had before. Well, me being an amateur in tire knowledge I decided to take on the offer and go for the cheaper option. This is something that I regret know and I do realize the difference between good service, proper tires and the cheaper not so good tires.

After this excursion I decided that I would always go with Vianor. Not only were the tires great that I got from there but I also got so much knowledge and really good customer service.

The thing about saving money on the wrong spot is that if you are happy with something, you should now change it. I was extremely happy with my tires and the service I got from Vianor.

Recently I have had few of these errors where I buy something that seems cheaper but in reality will cost more for me in the long run. Learning by doing is ok but still I recommend for everyone to really find out about things and ask people for experiences on something that might seem cheap.

Overall Iím all right because I know that the next tires I will get are from Vianor. What is even better is that I know that the tires will be great.

My advice in the end is that you should always pay for what its worth. If it is worth your happiness and trust, it should have a price tag on it because otherwise there would be something wrong with it.

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Article By: Amira Kitchin

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