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A parking sensor for car is a car parking, more intuitive to safety AIDS or perhaps in cases of obstacles that get rid of the driver to halt, turn and initiate, cars, and conserve the visiting distress remove dead zone and also the driver of blurred vision, improve safety. Generally, car parking sensor system is made from the ultrasonic sensor (also known as probes), controller & display (or buzzer) & other parts. Parking sensor probes ranging general principle, under the charge of the controller, the probes signals, when the obstacles encountered, the generated echo signal and send back, the sensor receives the echo signal from the controller for information processing, pick the location of obstacles, & issued by the display counts the distance of other warning signals, timely warning, so understand drivers when reversing to create backup simpler. Soon, as expertise development & user requires change, reversing radar, mostly over the growth and development of two generations.
First Generation: reversing speaker reminded by. "Parking Notice!" Have to have a lot of people still remember the sound; this can be a first generation of parking radar product, now simply a part from the commercial cars is nevertheless used. Supplied that the driver hung up reverse, it is going to sound to alert a person's eye of men and women around. To an extent, it does not directly help the driver, not parking sensor. Cheap, now basic goods had been eliminated.
Second generation: The buzzer sounds prompted different drivers. This can be a reversing radar technique started. Reverse, when the rear 1.8 m -1.5 m obstructions buzzer works. Beeps the sharper, the closer that car through the hindrance is. But neither voice prompts, nor from your show, even though the drivers know there are obstacles here, but the obstacle how long away from the car, the motive force worthwhile.
Third generation: digital band shows the unique distance or distance range. This generation than second generation improved many a lot, you can display rear obstacle distance in the body. If it is a physical object which in the 1.8 m, and begins to show; if people distance of 0.9 meters beginning out show. This generation has four displays, digital display products from the digital display, as the band displayed with the two colors to differentiate products: green represents a safe distance; yellow for warning distance; red for dangerous distance, to stop reversing. The 3rd generation of digital & band together, but it is more practical and useful, although not stunning installation within the car camera.
Fourth Generation: LCD screen dynamic display. This generation contains an essential leap, screen dynamic display systems did begin to appear. Not connected to reverse gear, as long as the launch car, the display search for the car design & car across the obstacle of distance, color, clear & exquisite, stunning appearance, having a Double Din car DVD Player could be directly affixed to the tool panel, simple to devote. But, in spite of the appearance of sophisticated LCD screen, but a higher sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability, and it is more false positives.
Fifth generation: magic mirror parking sensor. Combining the luxury of the products, while using the latest radar technology and bionic ultrasound, combined with high-speed computer control, all-weather know exactly 4 meters within the obstacle, sufficient reason for different levels of audio and visual display remind drivers. The mirror, the sensor can parking area sensor, telephone, smog, temperature display and car show and many more features, design some comprehensive voice. Because its shape is like a mirror, so you can not occupy an area within the car and car DVD player, placed in car mirrors position. And colour and magnificence is decorated, can depended upon deferent requires. If you have any query, please contact me. If you are interested in parking sensors, you can visit our website for order.

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