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Citroen servicing Preston is an important component of the after-sales process offered at Citroen Preston. Citroen Preston is based on the Fylde Road in Ashton and serves Lancashire and the northwest of England.

The role of Citroen servicing Preston ensures that vehicles sold at the dealership remain in a safe and roadworthy condition. This essential task is undertaken by a highly trained team using state of the art equipment.

Booking a car into Citroen servicing Preston could hardly be easier. Servicing can be arranged online at Citroen Serving Booking Enquiry page. This is a page on the website which allows owners to complete a form when booking a vehicle service. It is uncomplicated and takes just a short period of time to complete.
Those seeking to book a car service with Citroen servicing Preston must first input their personal details: name, address, phone number and email address, then the make, model and registration number of the vehicle in question. The servicing booking form is used for more Citroen servicing locations than Preston, so a selection has to be made from the ‘Preferred Dealership’ box. This is a click-down selection and includes the Lookers Citroen dealerships at Blackpool, Liverpool, Newport and Preston.

By booking a vehicle service online Citroen owners can also specify the type of servicing needed and a preferred date for it to be done.

Booking online with Citroen servicing Preston is very convenient, especially for those who live some distance from the dealership or who normally do not have the time to go there, but there are other methods. These include ringing the Fylde Road centre or actually visiting the dealership. A telephone number is published on the website on the servicing booking page.

Citroen Preston also provides a parts and accessories service in addition to the servicing. All the vehicle parts are authorised by Citroen. Servicing may well require new parts to be fitted or Citroen owners may want to order them themselves. Car parts and accessories can be ordered on the website as easily as servicing can be booked online.
The website gives a list of the items available and any special deals on offer. Those ordering online are informed of the price as well as being told if the parts or accessories ordered need to be fitted by Citroen accredited specialists.

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