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Got some tough terrain to cover? Forget the yuppie Hummer and check out the Honda ATV line. Sure both will cover that tough terrain without any trouble but the ATV is a smarter and much more affordable choice.

You'll get a four stroke engine with aggressive off road tires, all wheel drive, and carrying racks so whether you are in the lumber or oil industry, working the farm, or going on a hunting trip your ATV is capable of going the distance. The 4x4 will leave no terrain untouched.

Honda's entry back into the 4x4 utility class back in the late 1990s was a bonus to those Honda customers that had been forced to look elsewhere. The sideways motor meant a lighter unit coming in just over 500 pounds. That makes it quite a bit lighter than the competitions model.
And they offer a wide selection of colors so if you are looking for something that blends for that hunting trip Honda has you covered with their low key color schemes. Then again if you are looking for something a little racier they can offer that too.

There ATVS come with heavy duty triple drum brakes and a five speed transmission. This ones a real work horse. And there's no worry about storage as you can add the front or rear rack or both. And with so many styles to choose from you'll be able to select the appropriate style.

This is an ATV that's designed to get the job done. Top speed on the Honda varies but it runs around 50 mph depending on the model. That means you can get from one point to another in no time. And the heavy duty suspension will ensure your ride is comfortable even over the roughest terrain.

Honda's fender design makes it a great choice for any stream crossing you need to do. It offers adequate protection as long as you keep your speed under the 40 mph mark. And it keeps a good traction pattern going even in the water.
And if you need to put the Honda to the test with some serious pulling you won't be disappointed. Its 850 pound towing capacity means you'll have no problem dragging that pole across the property. Or that big log - no problem what so ever!

When it comes to ground clearance once again Honda was thinking. Obstacles won't be a problem and rugged terrain will be like a walk in the park. Over rocks, down the gully, whatever you can throw at it as long as you keep your speed low the engine won't let you down. And the Honda ATV is one machine that's tough to get stuck.

And as with everything Honda seems to do there is always that extra touch like the recoil starter just in case you land up with a dead battery. Won't matter that you are out in the middle of nowhere you'll get your ATV started with little effort.

Honda is a name you can trust. They've been building motorcycles, watercraft, and ATV's for years. If you are in the market and want to be sure you get reliability, durability, and affordability then a Honda ATV is the right choice.

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Donovan has been a SUV owner for the past 10 years. He’s an active outdoors person who loves to go off roading in his ATV. He has owned and operated countless ATVs over the years and shares his riding techniques as well as model reviews on his site. To find out more visit the ATV reviews website.

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