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Did you know that some reputable car insurance companies offer classic car insurance policies but have a list of criteria that must be met before you even qualify for a classic car insurance policy with them? It’s true. These kinds of insurance companies have eligibility requirements not only pertaining to the value, condition, and usage of the classic car itself, but to the drivers as well!

If you’re looking for cheap classic car insurance, your best bet is to look into an insurance company that specializes in classic car insurance policies – a basic car insurance company may feel entitled to charge you a fortune since your car is a classic. However, since they’re dealing with classics, classic car insurance companies tend to be a bit picky when selling policies – and rightly so. Classic cars are quite valuable and often sought after.

Classic car insurance policies depend on a number of factors. Your agent may ask you questions about the value and maintenance of your classic car. He will probably ask for pictures, or even inspect it personally. Some classic car models must be a certain number of years old before the car insurance company will even consider it a classic. The usage of your classic car will be looked at, as well. Many car insurance companies require that you keep your classic car in a locked garage when you’re not driving it.

Insurance companies that offer cheap classic car insurance may also ask questions about you – the driver. They will want to know things about your driving record, such as how many and what kinds of violations you’ve had over a period of time, and even how many years you’ve been driving. Some even require that you complete a health questionnaire.

It’s more work getting cheap classic car insurance, but in the long run you’re getting the best value – possibly the best coverage – for your classic car.

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Emma TamesideWednesday, July 25, 2012

Informative article indeed. I had stupidly been trying to insure my classic car with my old insurance company and was having to jump through hoops to try and assure them it was insurable, when I eventually did, they quoted an absurd price.

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