Buy the right car for your teen driver

Automotive Cars Buy the right car for your teen driver

The generation gap that exists between a teen of driving age and their parents is a doozie, making car shopping for your teen driver an experience not soon forgotten. However, if you do your research, chances are you will be able to come to a mutual agreement on something that is affordable and safe enough for you and cool and economical enough for them.

Options that are parent tested, teen approved
These options offer good gas mileage, and an affordable price tag without sacrificing safety or style.

  • Honda Civic - An old favorite, the Honda Civic graces many of the automotive 'best of' lists. The Civic has always gotten great gas mileage, always looked stylish enough and always felt big enough, even from the back seat. Plus Honda's are known for their lasting quality.
  • Ford Focus ZX3 - This snappy looking hatchback has enough pep to make any teen driver happy. It's simple interior and great visibility help to eliminate distraction and make the road a friendlier place. One reviewer noted that because the Focus ZX3 was so fun to drive, he had not just one, but two of them in his own driveway.

  • Mazda 3 - Very reasonably priced the Mazda 3 is stylish and well built. Truly a drivers car known for its superb handling, it also does well in the gas mileage department. it is a car enjoyed by drivers that looks good in the process.

  • Honda Fit - A great value, the Honda Fit is a sporty looking hatchback with lots of standard features, including side curtain airbags for you and an ipod compatible audio system for your teen. Not a particularly fast car, it has enough storage options and space to make up for its lack of speed.

  • Toyota Corolla - An option that may meet with teen resistance, the Corolla is always going to be a safe, economical choice for any driver. The persistence of their popularity throughout the world attests to that.
  • Volkswagen Jetta - Perhaps a tad pricier than some parents are willing to go, the Jetta will meet with little teen resistance. Its clean lines, sharp acceleration and German handling make it a favorite of drivers. Its many standard safety features and high crash test ratings might just make it worth a parents peace of mind.

  • Pontiac Vibe - Not only did the Vibe earn excellent crash test scores, they also offer side and full-length curtain airbags; a safety plus for any teen. It doesn't handle like the Jetta, but its versatility and storage capacity make it handy for any active teen on the go.

    Shopping with your teen
    Bottom line, you as the parent need to steer the shopping experience. Research your options and narrow down your field. Decide on several vehicles you are comfortable with and then start your physical shopping and test driving.

    Allowing your teenager to feel like they have a say in the decision may just help preserve some harmony in the transaction. If you've already narrowed the field to appropriate options, drive them and allow your teen some room to make an adult decision themselves.

    Instead of walking away from your car shopping experience with post traumatic stress, walk away feeling like you set a good example and helped lead your child in an adult decision.

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