The old motorsport adage that ‘to stand still is to move backwards’ will be familiar to a car manufacturer with as strong a racing pedigree as Audi, so it should come as little surprise to learn that there is a new variant of the popular A4 in the works.

The high-roofed model is intended to replace the Avant and is tipped to be called the ‘Superavant’. It would be an appropriate name, given that the current blueprints describe a vehicle that retains all the sportiness and driveability of the present Avant, but with more room and flexibility thrown into the mix.

Plans for an enhanced Avant were inspired by research suggesting that there is strong demand for an MPV-type car that doesn’t look like a toaster.
Designers and engineers only looked over the first round of proposals in February, so when you’re down at new Audi A4 looking into the range of new Audi A4s, there’s not a lot of point asking about the Superavant. For one thing, it doesn’t exist yet, and even when it does, it could end up being called something totally different.

Assuming that the project is signed off by Audi’s top brass, you will probably get a first peek at a concept car in 2014, with the first showroom models typically arriving two years later. For Audi fans then, you have the best of both worlds – you can get yourself into one of the new models now, enjoy it for all the reasons that the A4 has such a strong following, and still know that you have something else cool to look forward to in three or four years time.

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