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You’ve probably heard the term “lease van” before and wondered what it’s all about and why so many people and businesses are choosing this method over purchasing their own vehicles. This type of opportunity comes with its own range of advantages and is a cost effective way for anyone to enjoy the benefits of a younger vehicle without the hassle.

Of course you could go out and buy a new vehicle, there is nothing stopping you, you will probably need to apply for financing and in this economic climate approvals are few and far between. Your other option is to purchase an older vehicle that doesn’t include a warranty and may be expensive to run; this is why so many people are turning to leasing opportunities.

Younger Vehicles
When leasing any vehicle you get to enjoy the benefits of younger vehicles, often under two years old with manufacturer’s warrantees, you also get to enjoy the fact that you pay one fixed monthly price for a set period of time. Maybe you are only looking for a vehicle while you wait for cash to come in to buy your own or maybe you think if you take this vehicle now, you can have a new one in a few months’ time, there are so many reasons both private individuals and businesses choose this route over buying.

For a business the advantages are that you have the flexibility to choose the vehicles you need, you can change vehicles on a semi-regular basis depending on the length of rental contract you have signed. You do not have to worry about financing which will eat away at your profits, yet you can still carry out your deliveries as normal.


Longer leases enjoy younger cars, most of them being new cars which mean they are less likely to break down or have a fault, a huge benefit to any business that relies on transportation to make deliveries. All in all anyone can see that the benefits of having a new vehicle far outweigh purchasing an older vehicle. Finance is very difficult to obtain on older vehicles and once they reach a certain age you must find cash to pay for them, hence taking advantage of leasing opportunities.
Affordable lease van opportunities are available in the UK to private and business owners where they can enjoy the ability to choose the vehicle they like and the length of contract they wish to sign, while paying one monthly payment that is fixed, helping them to budget easier.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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