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Part -8


23) 9th December,1972.Saturday.
Early morning dream : I had gone to Diamond at Kadamtala, Howrah. He was then seated on his cot. I entered into the room and sat on the floor. There were many other devotees sitting on floor. Conversations were going on. Later on all except one went away . That person was unknown to me. Diamond came down from his cot and sat on the floor in front of me . then he took a piece of paper and told me to sign on the paper . It seemed as if he wanted to make a will for the seen.

However, I signed on the paper . But it seemed to be a bit wetly and soft. Diamond asked me, ‘can you take a good dictation’ ? I said, ‘Yes’. He then started giving dictation in English and I also started writing : with a hard pencil . I noticed that the unknown person was sitting, there as if he was the witness.

I said to Diamond, ‘How wonderful is your English’ ! But I noticed that due to softness of the paper, the writing seemed to be hazy. Diamond began to scolded me for this. So I told him, ‘It is a hard pencil, that’s way it is hazy. Wait, let me bring a pen’. But suddenly I woke up and though, ‘Oh ! this is incomplete dream Let me sleep again to see the last. So I again fell a sleep and said in the dream that I had already completed taken the dictation with a pen.

Scene changed. I was now seeing that God-the-Preceptor and I was living together in a house and I was taking advice from him though nothing could be remembered after dream .
At the last moment in the dream I observed that he was going to take a bath . After completing the bath he wore clothes putting off his towel. I asked him, ‘Have you taken bath’ ? He said, ‘Yes’, I told him,’ then I am now going to take my bath. And I went to take my bath. Here the dream went off.

[ The dream is very significant as this indicates that in future many alike realizations will be experienced by The seer . Will is given to son by father, which means that all the wealth of father will be enjoyed by his son .Here wealth means spiritual wealth.]


24) August. 1973.

Early morning dream: Sitting alone I was thinking to leave my physical body with the thoughts that I have achieved the truth in my life and so I have no demand in my life. Suddenly Diamond appeared before me and said, ‘why are you thinking like this my boy ? God will perform so many works through you in future’ ? With these words he disappeared suddenly.

[ The dream supports the saying in Diamond's book ‘ Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ page 21‘ - God-the-Preceptor gives blessings to the seer and says, many things will happen in your life’.


25) August,1973.

Early morning dream : Diamond suddenly appeared before me and said, ‘see, they (other devotees who used to gather in one devotee’s residence to have spiritual discussions on Diamond) have become diverted. Since now I often appear before them in their dreams’. Here the dream went off.

[ Amazingly, a new phase started within the devotees . After a long gap they started dreaming Diamond frequently and became rejuvenated.]


26) August, 1973:

Early morning dream : I saw many devotees having spiritual conversations between them . One of the devotee named Narayan was seen carrying a Bengali magazine (on Diamond) in his hand. Then the dream went off.

[The dream signifies thus : Seeing many devotees in the dream indicates increasing brain power. Another aspect is that a sense of attractions is growing within the seer for other devotees].

Article By: Dr Dipak Kumar pramanik

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