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Many of us ask why these successful people succeed. And what did they do to be so? And either they had talents and qualifications more than others or they had lucks more than others? 

Also, they ask why the failures are so. What they need to achieve success? And either their failures are because they are less talented and qualified or they are less luck than others?

And, the answers are very simple, you had to know that there are essential differences between successful and failure to recognize from where the way of success or failure begin, and we will show in the following these distinguished marks between the successful and failure:

First Sign:

  • Successful person:

He thinks, feel and behave like successful, he even dream of big dreams and he believe that he will success, he has a faith in his abilities to face all difficulties and overcome it to achieve his goals. We must know that the success is the person’s mental status, so if the man thinks he is successful, he draw to himself elements such as people, events and chances to achieve everything he thinks of and expect to himself and his life.

  • Failure person:

      He thinks, feel and behave like failure, he even dreams of the smallest thing he can achieve, and he is broken down if he face small obstacle in his way. This is because he doesn’t trust neither in himself nor in his qualifications and he has a faith that no matter he do, he will fail. This is mental status for the failure person, which draw to him everything that emphasis his idea about himself and helps him to reach failure by the fastest way.

The Conclusion:

      Think of success and you will get it, think of failure and you will get it. As the failure and success is the mental status of the person, so if you thought you are successful, you really are, and if you thought you are failure, you really are. Your hidden conscience will take everything you think about as a reality and it won’t argue you about, it will only print it in your life to be as you thought.

Second Sign: 

  • Successful person:

He knows what he wants, and put a plan for it, and does what he can to fulfill his goals, and insist to achieve success. Also he takes the reasons; he wakes up energetic and set up his day duties and writes it down, and do his best to accomplish them all, then he watch the results and develop it continuously according to circumstances and current events.

  • Failure person:

       He doesn’t know what he wants from his life, he works very little and waits for a rewards or a lucky chance falling to him from sky to get what he wish. He keeps himself busy with competition and tricks in work and look for the fastest way to get money without working hard. When he wakes up, he doesn’t know what to do in his day, and you see him busy but he never finish a matter, because his life lacks discipline, and he doesn’t have a plan or target he works through, he is very lost and doesn’t know his way, he only leave himself to life and circumstances drove him without his interference.

The Conclusion:

      Success is not a lucky chance, and it doesn’t come without effort and hard work. Success needs a plan and determination to achieve targets and failure means give up to the flow of circumstances and illusion.

Third Sign: 

  • Successful person:

       He is aware of the results of his deed and say, as he think of the consequences of everything he do, and he decide which events or people that can help him in achieving his goals, and he make it in his side. His principle is “I succeed with others” so he grow though cooperation with others and get his success through theirs.

  • Failure person:

He is careless and unwise, he always in a state that makes him doesn’t care of his actions and says, he doesn’t worry about what comes up according to this says or deeds to himself or the others, and so expose himself to many problems and distress. His principle is “I and after me the flood” so he thinks only in himself, he wants the success to himself only and doesn’t care who he may abuse in his way to achieve this fake success.

The Conclusion:

The Successful person is the one who deals with everything efficiently and with trust, but the failure person is light minded who waste all the good chances for him and even his friends became against him.

Forth Sign: 

  • Successful person:

He follow the steps of the successful people, asks about their deeds and how they achieved it, and how they became successful and distinguished, and also the steps they employ to accomplish these goals. He do exactly as them to obtain the same results and progress as they did.

  • Failure person:

He goes in life without any plans or targets, and let the life draw him wherever it wants and put him wherever it likes and he always under the circumstance’s control, never controlling it.

So in his job, he never mind being a very small employee in archive, or even a sales agent, the only thing he cares about is to receive his salary regularly, he never go after anything to achieve, and doesn’t care about his life or his career, and doesn’t want to leave any distinguish marks in profession or in his life.

The Conclusion:

If you want Success, search for successful and do what they do to get what they got, but if you doesn’t care to be a failure, let life draw you where it wants and be with the flood, and never expect to reach security in your life without a map or plan to follow. You may be saved or sink, as it will be under the control of the circumstances not yours.

Fifth Sign: 

  • Successful person:

He try everything and take advantage of any opportunity to reach his goals or to solve any problem and obstacle he may face, as he see in every opportunity a chance to improve himself. He also loves the change; as it means to him improvement, progress and continue success. He controls his life and all the unstable circumstances around him, and never wait until it come and enforce its law on him.

  • Failure person:

He is stable and never moves, as he prefers the secured status, and never trying anything new. He remain in the same job, had the same friends and acquaintance, goes to the same places, and live in the same house all his life; because he fears the change and the new, enemy to progress and development. He sees in every opportunity a distress and focuses on problems and obstacles, and never tries to solve it. Negativity is apart of his life and thinking. A person like this suffers all his life from anxious and suspicions, and let all his life and family bow under the circumstance’s control.

The Conclusion:

The change will come for sure, so you have to control it in the right time and use it to achieve your targets and goals, and never wait until it control you.

Either you will be the one controlling your life or you will let it be controlled by circumstances and changes that will play with you until the end.

Sixth Sign: 

  • Successful person:

He own the courage and nerve to attain his goals and what he believes in, John White says” the courage is to be afraid to death, yet ride your horse”.

The courage what make you accomplish your targets, and over come all the obstacles and challenges you face, and take the most courageous decisions to get what you wish from life.

  • Failure person:

He always hesitant, asking himself continuously “should I do this or not, decide or wait” he waits years and years until he lost his goal. And even when he decides it is too late because he lost the chance.

The Conclusion:

If you want something go and get it, you need the courage to get the life you wish and even deserve. So if you were late, don’t blame anybody but you, as it may be too late and another one get the chance while you were thinking.

Seventh Sign: 

  • Successful person:

He loves himself and others, and realizes exactly the value of life, also he exchange a language of discussion and understanding with the world around him. This language is what opens success and happiness doors to him, as he works what he love and accept life as it is, and live according to its laws. And he loves to his brother what he loves for himself.

  • Failure person:

He hates himself and people around him, and disgust life and people, always feeling hatred, grudge and hostility. These emotions push him against the universe laws. So he always has a state of continuous angry and inner conflict, he is upset with himself and with life, you see him never tasting the sweetness of love or mind peace, even he consider it illusion that doesn’t exist. And this drives him to lose himself and all people around him. Also he doesn’t like others to be happy, so life always goes against his wishes.

The Conclusion:

Love is the fortune of the successful, and without it success never comes in anything, and the one deprived from love, is also deprived from success. As what is the value of success if you didn’t find someone to share it with you and be happy for you.

Og Mandino says” save the love you receive before any other thing, as it is the thing that will last with you after you lose your money and health’.

Eighth Sign: 

  • Successful person:

He sees all good and bad matters that happened to him as a gifts and chances from god, as he is the most optimistic person in life, who takes from it as he can, and search for the circumstances he want, and even if he didn’t find it, he creates it.

  • Failure person:

He sees everything difficult, as he is always pessimistic, always expect the terrible things and things that is not in his favor, he always sees the half empty glass and ignore the half filed one. Also he searches for excuses and reasons to persuade himself that failure is unpreventable, and always says to himself” there are obstacle in the way, the circumstances won’t allow anyways, I don’t fit for this special work, etc….”. The excuses follow like this forever until he loses all the chances, as he isn’t ready to fight life and get his goals. So you may find him search for someone to make the work instead of him, and dreams of the benefits he will gain from this person. He won’t find this person except in his dreams.

The Conclusion:

Margaret Tatchers says “people think there is no enough place on the top, they tend to think that it is Everest which is unconquerable, and I say here there is huge space that fit too many on the top”.

So everybody should know that life can be filled with many successful people, just decide what you want from your life, and do your best to achieve it with courage and determination. And be optimistic and lovable and see the most beautiful things in life, you will find life pay back this love.

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this soooooooooooo good to my chil he was so happpy thankyou guru dev je



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