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The purpose of personal prophecy is to touch your personal life that will shift every area on your life that is still not being practised according to what God’s desire for us. What is the power of prophecy has done into your life right now? Would you know?

That is also important to know what is the power of prophecy has done into your life. For sure, many things have been proven since you belong to God and you already know the purpose of your personal prophecy.

When you feel you are being gifted and receive a call from God, your personal prophecy will give you strength, and courage in order for you to enrich those gifts from Him.
If you are facing challenging situation in life you need a personal prophecy concerning on you understand and act about it.

Embracing your personal prophecy will bring changes to your life. Now, you decide of belonging to people who are in the ministry of God knowing the truth about prophecy. When you decide to connect with right people, like Christian, your decision is right but when you connect with wrong people who do not know God, your decision is definitely wrong.

Get your personal prophecy.

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