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  • Guides to Buy Right Flats in Kolkata

    By Siddha Group

    Kolkata is the commercial and cultural capital of West Bengal and the whole of Eastern India. It was found on the banks of the river Hoogly and between the two lakes. It is the third largest metropolitan city of the country, as also the third most populated city. And a large population obviously means a huge demand for residential properties and flats. The need for flats in Kolkata has grown upwards in a spiral form and is increasing day by day. The fast development in the need for flats fin Kolkata is also because of the reforms of progress by the new government. That has resulted in the massive increase in new offices, new jobs, new flats, new shopping complexes, new departmental stores, new and more schools and hospitals, new entertainment facilities, and all of this, giving a much bigger impetus to more and more of real estate growth. This obviously makes Kolkata a favorite real estate destination.  Read..

  • Do You Need Planning Permission?

    By James Dacanay

    If you are considering hiring a temporary building, it can be easy to feel confused around the planning permission issue because it is an area that isn’t set in stone and one that can get complicated.  Read..

  • Is Super Duplex Really Worth Any Extra Money?

    By John Arbuthnot

    The difference between duplex stainless steels and super duplex stainless steel is mostly seen in terms of the resistance of the material. Whilst the material will cost very little more than the slightly less ‘super’ kind, for larger companies with many fittings to buy, it is worth knowing whether the benefits are worth any extra cost or not.  Read..

  • Property Investment - Better Now Than Ever?

    By Paul Lanham

    Back in the 1970s, less than half the UK population owned a property. As time has passed, people have come to realise how much more stable investing in property can be compared to traditional means such as stocks and shares.  Read..

  • Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

    By Jim Bruce

    A real estate marketing plan needs to take all facets of the realty business into account. This means marketing to real estate sellers as well as buyers. The real estate strategy also needs to utilize both online and offline methods of advertising.
    Realtor advertising needs to show a good return on your advertising investment. It should be tracked to see if you are gaining positive results for each dollar spent. By researching your advertising methods and tracking the results, you can find the best methods that work in your local real estate market.  Read..

  • How to Close Every Deal, Even in a Slow Market

    By David P. Butler

    For real estate agents, business brokers, and mobile home dealers and brokers, seller-carryback financing can make the difference between a "sold" or an "expired" listing. This is particularly so in certain economic cycles, like the one we are entering NOW! A majority of listings expire, UNSOLD, especially single family residential (SFR) properties.  Read..

  • Four Ways to Get Money From Your Real Estate Without Selling

    By Mike Lautensack

    If you have an existing piece of income producing real estate that you bought within the last couple years, you most likely have a significant amount of equity in that property. Even if you put a traditional 80% mortgage on the property when you purchased you may now have anywhere from 20% to as much as 60% to 70% equity on the property. How do you get that money out and put it to use in a new investment or use it to pay bills without selling your property.  Read..

  • Are Real Estate Seminars Worth the Money?

    By Attorney William Bronchick

    If you read the news media, you'll see that there's a proliferation of new real estate gurus and seminars coming around to feed the endless demand for real estate these days. One event recently attracted over 30,000 people, with Donald Trump as the headliner (like he knows anything about buying a duplex?).  Read..

  • The Art of Calling on Real Estate

    By Chuck and Sue DeFiore

    I know, don't groan. You have to do them if you want to get properties and make money. Believe me, I used to hate cold calling. For those of you that have read our book, "Who Makes It Happen: Back On The Road To Success With Creative Real Estate", remember it used to take me an hour to get on the phone and then after 30 minutes I was ready to hang up.  Read..

  • New Free Real Estate Advertising Online Portal and Directory

    By Milan Matchev

    Athand24, one of US premier real estate service providers, has launched their new website with unique dynamic property information pages. This real estate website located at contains real-time availability calender, forum, classifieds section, real estate web site directory, articles section, blog and all the information real estate agents and business professionals need, to become visible on the internet. It is ideal for a real estate agents, mortgage professionals, home inspectors, accountants, intermediary, attorney, interior designers, moving companies, escrow officers, home cleaning business, landscapers, licensed contractors, interior designers, or a specialty printing business.  Read..

  • Free For Sale by Owner Real Estate Advertising Goes National

    By Business Wire

    ORLANDO, Fla. -- FSBO Channels Real Estate Network has expanded to now offer its free FSBO listings and advertising to every FSBO seller in the United States. What started off as a single site serving Tampa on August 8, 2006, has grown to serve the entire nation with 16 major city sites, 10 state sites, and a national classifieds site all 100% free.  Read..

  • Real Estate Internet Marketing Formula Promises Relief for Realtors

    By Advertising and Business News

    A brand new Real Estate Internet Marketing System is coming to give relief to real estate agents who are tired of cold calling, sitting at open houses, and asking friends and family for referrals all the time.
    With this Real Estate Internet Marketing System called Real Estate Internet Marketing Formula, Realtors will be able to say goodbye to the commission roller coaster, and create a constant stream of qualified and exclusive leads that will fill their pipeline even in slow Real Estate markets.
    Real Estate Internet Marketing Formula shows agents step by step how to set up their own lead generating website, how to drive free targeted traffic to it and how to turn traffic into leads. Real Estate Internet Marketing Formula also gives a roadmap to converting leads into clients as well as maintaining constant contact with satisfied clients for a constant stream of repeat and referral business.  Read..