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Jaundice is a type of condition in which the body of the patients turns to be yellowish discoloration of the skin and the white of the eyes. It is a symptom of clinical sign, not a disease by itself. The characteristic of jaundice that there products excess amount of the bile pigment in the body which is also known as bilirubin. Normally bilirubin is formed by breakdown of hemoglobin during the destruction of worn-out red blood cells.

The pigment is then excreted by the liver into the bile via bile duts. In so far as the poisoning health is concerned in this case your body contains highly toxic chemicals not meant for human ingestion or contact, such as cyanide, paint thinners or household cleaning products. Anything kept for a long time becomes poisonous like in food some mushrooms are poisonous, water contaminated with agricultural or industrial chemicals, food that has not been well prepared, vitamins, especially A and D it taken in large amounts can cause liver problems.

To prevent jaundice one should involve the followings things in the diet-
•     In the breakfast the patients should take one juicy fruit such as apple, pear, mango, papaya, some grapes or berries. One slice of whole meal bread with a little butter.
•     In the mid morning the patients should have orange or pear juice.
•     During lunch steamed leafy vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, carrot or a glass of butter milk, raw vegetables salad, and two small wheat tortilla of whole wheat floor.
•     In the mid afternoon to be taken coconut water or apple juice.
•     In the dinner one cup strained vegetable soup, baked potato and one leafy vegetable, one cup strained vegetable soup.
•     A glass of hot skimmed milk with honey if desired.
Home remedies for food poisoning-
•     Know the oil is of good quality or not. Don’t eat outside fried food.
•     Check the manufacturing and expiry date of anything you buy from the market.
•     If the oil left in your pan don’t cook food in the same oil harmful chemical reaction takes place in between.
•     Always wash your hand before cooking, eating or serving something.
•     If you’re non- vegetarian cook chicken, mutton, fish at the appropriate temperature so that all the germs killed.
•      Never keep the food items for the 2-3 hours at the room temperature.
•     Always take lemon water before going to bed.

These days the diseases have become common for the people. Heavy spices things cause the liver problem. As we know that the function of liver is to regulate the most chemical levels in the blood and discharge a product from the body called bile. Bile helps liver by carrying away the waste material from the liver. All the blood leaving stomach and intestine passes through liver. Really the functions of liver in the body are great.

We should act the following things to protect liver –
•     A cup of water mixed with glucose prevents from damaging the liver.
•     Take butter milk by adding pinch of salt and power of cumin seeds.
•     Avoid consuming even small level of alcohol it harms your liver.
•     Avoid taking heavy spices things and include green vegetables in your diet.
•     Low your daily intake of fats by twenty two thirty grams.

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