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Trying to Get a California Medical Marijuana Card? 10 Must-Know Facts

How Many People Have a Medical Marijuana Card In California?
   According to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), which tracks and manages the medical marijuana program in California, there are currently more than 50,000 registered marijuana cards in California. Every day, there are 1000s of people who are seeking to get recommendations from doctors in this state, too. In fact, the program was recently expanded, in 2003, adding more than a 100 voter approved illnesses and chronic symptoms to the covered list of those that are treatable using cannabis.

California Medical Marijuana Cards Are Not for Everyone
   The first thing any marijuana doctor in California will tell you is that these cards are not for everyone. They are entirely correct, as medicinal cannabis is not for everyone, much like any other prescribed drugs that you may have heard about. Thankfully, a doctor is able to evaluate patients with their expertise in this state and determine if a California marijuana recommendation will help to ease their suffering and improve their quality of life.

Top Must-Know 10 Facts About Marijuana Cards in California
1. You have to get a doctor recommendation to get a marijuana card in California.
2. Marijuana is still illegal by federal law.
3. No doctor can prescribe you marijuana.
4. Only the health department can approve you for a medical marijuana cards in California.
5. There are state laws that must be abided by if you have a card.
6. California medical marijuana cards are only valid for 1 year.
7. Your card must be presented to law enforcement upon request.
8. You won’t get arrested for using cannabis if you have a card.
9. You can’t be discriminated against for using medical cannabis.
10. A marijuana card in California allows you to legally purchase medical cannabis from dispensaries located in and around the state.

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