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The Eye And Vision Errors

The LASIK surgery is a very popular procedure made in order to get rid of glasses and being able to see clearly without any assistance. The eye laser surgery is not right for anyone and can be dangerous if not going to a specialist for observation and consultant.
Eye laser surgery is a very popular surgery made in order to get rid of glasses and being able to see clearly without any visual assistance.
The LASIK surgery is not right for anyone and can be dangerous if not going to a specialist for observation and consultant.

Who can't have the procedure?
There are actually many people who are not compatible for the surgery for various reasons. Here are some examples for people who can't perform the eye laser surgery:

* People with severe nearsightedness or farsightedness.
* People who are older than 50 years old or younger than 20 years old.
* People with diabetes or arteriosclerosis.
* People who suffer from any problems or illnesses of the cornea.
* Pregnant women or nursing women.
* People with thin or cone shaped cornea.
* People who have active cancer or HIV.
* People who use steroids.
* People who suffer from dry eyes or usually suffer from eye infections.
* People with high eye cylinder.
* People who have unstable sightedness and had to change the prescription of their eyeglasses at the passing year.

There are many more reasons why a person is not a good candidate for the LASIK surgery, since there are so many reasons it is very important to check the compatibility at a specialist and even get a second opinion.
Before you think of having the LASIK you need to check your options. A lot of people do just fine with glasses, there are so many shapes and deigns for glasses today so anyone can choose what they like and best for their appearance. If you don't like your glasses you can wear eye lenses, there are many kinds: hard, soft, daily, weekly, monthly, Ortho K which are worn at night, and more. If you can't handle eye contacts and you have low or mild sightedness problem, you can try exercising your eyes with special exercises.

If nothing works for you and you still want to have the LASIK, check compatibility at the best clinic you can find and get a second opinion even if you are compatible. Ask about the risks and complications and how you can avoid them so you won't lose or hurt your eyesight. Talk to people who had this surgery whether you know them or not, ask about their experience.

The surgery is made under local anesthesia and takes about thirty minutes. The surgery is not painful but there might be some pressure felt during the surgery. During the surgery the surgeon will resurface the cornea by using the eye laser. The patient will be able to see better right after the surgery although his eyes will be sensitive, might tear, might hurt, or might sting. The eyesight will get better after a few days but will get stable only after a few months. The patient will be able to get back to normal daily activities at the following day after the surgery but will have to be careful, stay away from the beach, pets, smoke, dust, make up, and more.
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