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Sports Watches You Wonít Find in Your High Street Watch Shop

For the serious athlete, you probably wonít find the ideal sports watch at the local watch shop on the high street. Although there are a great number of excellent sports watches on the market, able to record precise running times and record these for comparison, the latest trend for serious sportspeople everywhere is the GPS watch.
GPS has revolutionised a lot of technology, from sat navs to mobile phones, allowing us to track our entire lives through Ďcheck iní services, footprinting photographs as you take them and, of course, find local services and amenities. A GPS watch, however, does a lot more than just let you know your current location. They can often be synchronised with other devices to allow you to measure biometrics such as heart rate, and some can even calculate your running or cycling speed and the amount of force and energy expended in your workout. You can also personalise your watch to your individual height, weight and age to give a precise indication of how your workout is affecting your body.

GPS watches are available with different features and also in a variety of shapes and sizes. Advances in this technology have now got it small enough to resemble any other sports watch, although larger models can of course offer a greater amount of functions.

The Bia sports watch is the first GPS watch to be designed exclusively for women and comes with attractive slimmed down strap designs, as well as a whole host of useful features on its lightweight frame. The GPS element, around the size of a packet of chewing gum, is actually detachable, leaving behind a sports watch with basic fitness monitoring features such as heart rate, calories burned, intervals and a stopwatch. However, add the GPS for distance, speed and pace tracking.

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