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New Approaches to Elderly Home Care

Meals on Wheels, a weekly visit from a health aide, and maybe a consultation with a Visiting Nurse...that is the old-fashioned model for elderly home care. Today, however, this routine is being radically overhauled by very progressive nursing groups that understand that people need a lot more to be "healthy at home".
Why the quotes around that phrase? There is actually a patented program at work known as Healthy at Home, and it uses a modern design for offering the most efficient and effective form of seniors home care.. It is also an ideal model for anyone recently discharged from a hospital or rehab center after a serious medical issue.

What makes this Healthy at Home so effective? Unlike the classic model we described at the opening of this discussion, this model uses a team approach meant to avoid hospital readmission and enhance the patient's complete recovery. Though it is used predominantly in elderly home care, it is generally a very workable model.

Here's how it works: an assessment is done to determine the level of at home care that is needed by the patient. The team uses a leading nurse, a social worker, and physicians and therapists who all head directly to the patient's home to deliver their services. The model also uses in-home monitoring devices and high tech forms of communication that ensure that a patient's condition is always going to be available.

Why would that matter? There are a few things we need to touch on here - firstly, the readmission rate for people recently discharged is at its highest levels in the first fourteen to thirty days after leaving the hospital.
To remain entirely healthy at home, a patient has to be able to be assessed and treatment has to be available at the moment an incident begins. Medical health care expert are specially for the senior health care are provided by the various home health care association. This sort of elderly home care is far beyond the original model that left most people to "their own devices" and which failed a lot more than it helped.

If you are in need of at home care or just want someone you love to be as healthy as possible in their home, explore your options for programs of this kind. They can ensure that chances for a readmission are cut almost in half, and that the quality of life of the patient is the best imaginable.

Health care expert are specially for the senior care are provided by the various home care association.
Accredited Health Services, Inc. offering finest quality home care in the condition of New Jersey NJ and it uses an innovative model for providing the most effective and efficient form of elderly care NJ . It is also an ideal model for anyone recently discharged from a hospital or rehab center after a serious medical issue.
Article By: Robin John
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