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Diet in Peptic Ulcer and Fenugreek

People unnecessarily fall ill and unwillingly consult the doctor for the treatment. Anything that prevents our tissue and cells for not functioning properly leads to make our body inactive and unhealthy. When a person feels such a condition he is said to be falling ill. A healthy body is said to be well enough to function mentally, physically and socially. Significantly, the main features to stay active and healthy are to invite good food, pure water, social environment, good economic conditions and physical environment. Sickness is like abnormal condition in which it interferes with a person’s normal conditions, appearance, structures or function of any part of the body. A person often suffers from the common diseases like stomach ache, tooth ache, dehydration, diarrhea, headache, sore throat, cough, sneezing problems etc. and for the treatment he/she appoints a doctor. But do we really need a doctor for the treatment? Here some of the benefits of fenugreek seeds, eggplant and diet in peptic ulcer have been concerned.
Fenugreeks are helpful in many ways like it prevents us from common diseases like anemia, pregnancy, lactation, digestion, dandruff, stomach disorders etc. The study has shown that consumption of fenugreek seeds reduces the cholesterol level and do helpful for the heart disease. Fenugreek also assists to soothe the sore throat or the throat pain. As we know that fenugreek contains antcarcinogenic potential. Colon cancer is prevented by the steroid diosgenin which is found in the fenugreek. Thus fenugreek is successfully considered as the good remedy for the diseases.
Diet in Peptic Ulcer

People sometimes take the heavy diet that harmfully aggravates their symptom of systems. There are some requirements to be followed for having a balanced and to avoid the peptic ulcer problem-
•     Eat the food rich in fiber, especially food from vegetables and fruits.
•     Do not ear excessive acid production food it will raise the acid in your body and you will suffering from the peptic ulcer.
•     Always have light spicy dis.

•     To soothe your digestive system work well eat the food slowly and chew them.
•     Take a little rest before and after having food and also remain relax during taking meals.
•     Reduce the followings to consume- coffee, tea, cola drink, citrus food, tomato- based-product

Health benefits of eggplants-
Like fenugreek eggplants have also the significant role in helping to stay away from the diseases.
•     First we should know that fiber comforts the digestion and colon health and eggplant possesses fiber and provides 2g of fiber per cup. The adult woman should drink 25g of fiber and man 36 g daily.
•     The eggplant contains antioxidant nasunin and this antioxidant helps to prevent cellular damage in the brains of rats.
•     Each cup of eggplant carries 35 per cent of calories and it possesses no fat and helps to feel full. Instead of having the others sources of calories the eggplants maintains the quantity of calories in the body.
•     Eggplants, recommended by the expert, contains 4 per cent of the RDA for vitamin K which prevents blood from clotting it also provides 6 percent of RDA manganese which acts to help healing wound and bone health.

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