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Incense Sticks – An approach
Majority were used for traditional ceremonies within temples for creation of purifying effect in the atmosphere that has aided meditation.

   The production of incense sticks is done through rolling varied mixtures of herbs, woods as well as resins onto a bamboo stick or even pressed kneading the mixtures in order to form a stick. The kneading method is only pure incense and no bamboo stick is used.

   The very sticks which use the core bamboo stick does produce more smoke and have less pure scent on account of burning of the bamboo as well as incense whereas the incense sticks with no core bamboo stick does produce less smoke as well as purer in scent.

   Japanese sticks do make use of finest ingredients and doesn’t have any core bamboo stick. They are quiet produced through usage of water, wood powder as well as scents and pushed through a nozzle, then cut and dried. High quality Japanese incense is left to mature for several years as well as usually make use of approximately twenty different components.

   The Tibetan sticks have been produced since 7th Century. Such sticks do include a lot of herbs and usually have no core bamboo stick and are hand rolled and then dried. You will usually find Tibetan sticks thicker in width as compared to Japanese incense sticks.

   Indian incense sticks are however produced in a different manner. They are made through making a paste from wood powder, some oil, water and the incense. After that, it is applied around a thin wooden stick. Traditionally there is usage of resins, woods and herbs. They also make use of synthetic scents such as musk.
   When burnt, the incense sticks produces a pleasant fragrance. The stick burns completely to a cool white ash with a stamble ember. Stick does burn slowly and in turn leaves almost no trace of the original stick after you have finished. Obtaining such qualities does require great skill with blending the ingredients of the stick that’s why one must choose a well-known brand Incense sticks over a cheap incense stick.

   Incense sticks are widely used for enhancing the smell of a room and even as lighters for fire crackers. Such kinds of sticks are particularly used in several Asian countries to be burnt in front of religious idols as well as shrines.
   In China, incense sticks are used for varied purposes as well as festivities. Sticks do come in a wide range of forms and colors. The thicker sticks are mainly used for special ceremonies like funerals.

   In an ideal manner, you must choose to purchase and use incense sticks imported from Asia. Dipped sticks are more often found in the market and require the least effort to make, so they are of poor quality and produce less fragrance.

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