Various Key Factors of Mobile Web Design

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Various Key Factors of Mobile Web Design

The most intriguing feature of accessing the web using a mobile device is it scales down the appearance of a website. For example, the home page of a mobile-based website will just have few simple links and headlines, which may include a few basic navigation links and log-in links.

Simplicity is undoubtedly the key factor when it comes to design website for mobile device, which is quite difficult to achieve in the new era of glittered and feature rich websites. Some mobile phones support the web access as good as a personal computer or laptop does, but most of the phones available at the moment are not able to do so. They are just good enough for accessing the web for custom use only. In order to get a better response from a user, you must take into account the userís convenience instead of designing something which increases the difficulty for a user in accessing the web.

Get more from white spaces:
Keeping the small screen size of a mobile phone in consideration, white spaces become a necessity for any web page design for mobile devices. Mobile devices works better with text than images or videos, and putting a lot of text may irritate the visitor if itís tough for him to read it conveniently. Use of small paragraph with lots of white space helps the user in grabbing what information you wants to provide.
Jumbled websites are always considered as a headache for the people. When you go through several good quality mobile websites, you will realize they are rich with white spaces. Along with that, small screen size makes it difficult to read and images difficult to see. Hence, you will notice a minimal use of images on a mobile-based website. Also, the internet connection on mobile phones is generally slower than PCs or laptops, which may take too long in loading the heavy media like images and videos. This creates a big requirement of putting more and more text on the site at the time of design website for mobile device.

Use a sub-domain instead of Mobi-domains:
Before some time, .mobi was the only option for mobile website domains. Nowadays, itís pretty common to find some other domains like or which are completely linked with your existing website.

Whenever it comes to choose a sub-domain, every designer has to consider multiple issues. However, one of the biggest advantages of using sub-domain is it makes easier to maintain everything in single domain, rather than confusing the people with different domain names. It increases the trust of a user on your site.

Web page design for mobile devices is in its evolving stages and enjoying a great boom in recent times. With the changing world and technology, it becomes a necessity we adjust ourselves to run with the time. Designing a cool and user friendly website can be the first point to start with.
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