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Tips for Selling Digital Goods Online

   Selling digital goods online can be a very smart move for any business owner hoping to gain that extra edge over the competition. In order to successfully sell digital goods online you must first understand what a digital good is. A digital good is any product that you can sell electronically for download. The vast array of digital goods includes the likes of music files, photographs, software, computer games, sell e-books, and much more. Digital goods are also often referred to as e-goods.

   Why is selling digital goods so good for a business? Well, first and foremost there are very little upfront costs to deal with. Most digital goods require little or no manufacturing since they are easily emailed or downloaded by the buyer. The main expenditure when selling digital goods online really is maintaining your website and e-storefront, if you have one, and marketing costs. 

   One of the main things to consider when selling digital goods online is the delivery system with which you will handle getting the files to your customers. Will you hire out a delivery system solution service or will you do it on your own? Many digital goods sellers do both. Just remember, when it comes to the delivery system you need to find a solution that makes it easy to handle each and every transaction. This includes creating and providing the digital product, uploading and downloading files, accepting payments, and customer service.

   There are quite a few service providers to choose from when it comes to selling and delivering digital goods online. It is good to know that many of these service providers allow entrepreneurs like yourself to sign up for free. The membership will also usually be free, but you may need to pay for special services or on a per sale basis. It just depends on the platform. And remember, not all platforms will offer the same features. Here are the key things to look for when selecting a payment gateway and platform for the sale of your digital goods.

Know the Fees
   Do not let yourself be surprised when your payment platform and gateway charges a small fee when you make a sale. While not every service will charge a fee, many do. Transaction and hosting fees vary among online service providers. Some require members to pay for monthly subscriptions while others simply charge per transaction. Always read your terms and conditions before setting up an account.

Is it Website and Blog Compatible?
   If you already have your own website or blog featuring your digital goods, you need to make sure that the payment platform and gateway is compatible with your current setup. Seamless integration can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. You may want to look for an online service provider that has its own shopping cart system and allows checkout to be simple and fast. This allows you to blend the service in with the overall design of your existing content. PayLoadz provides cut-and-paste code that can be used anywhere – on websites, blogs, forums, and even in emails!

   The shopping cart is an integral part of the online purchasing experience. A shopping cart is also essential if you have tangible goods to sell as well. Perhaps you offer e-books in both purely digital formats as well as on CD or DVD. You may include printed supplemental materials. And if you do not know, you may in the future. Always check out the shopping cart features to ensure that it can handle all of your needs. Good shopping carts also offer things like sales tax, shipping, and inventory calculators as well as inventory management features.
How is Delivery Handled?
   The secret to digital goods sales success is secure and reliable download products and delivery. Instant and secure digital product delivery is essential. This protects both the seller and the consumer. The ideal system will provide the customer with a download link (or email) as soon as payment is confirmed. Customers should not have to wait for the digital products they have just purchased and you should not have to wait to receive your payment. Really good service providers also allow for download key codes and other security features like e-book stamping and transaction Ids. 

  When considering an online service provider to sell your digital goods online, take a step back and look at it from the consumer’s perspective. Would you trust this site when making a payment? Do you feel comfortable navigating it? Is the checkout process easy? Many payment platforms and gateway systems allow potential sellers to complete test transactions so that they can get a feel for how the system works. If there isn’t a trial run, perhaps you would be better off moving on to the next provider.

   Selling digital goods online does not have to be an arduous task. Once you have your digital goods ready to sell, you should do so easily and securely. Even if you have your own website or blog, it is a good idea to also have a payment platform and gateway. This allows your customers just another option for checkout in addition to perhaps reaching some potential clients you may not have otherwise.

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