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Critical Concerns of Commercial Printing

A lot of talk goes around about how successful and flourishing the commercial printing trade is and how it will be able to keep up with modern industries as time passes by. While this is true to a certain extent, it is also true that the commercial printing industry itself is facing a lot of different issues which contribute to its decline. In fact, depending on how the trend of the market goes, it may be that commercial printing companies are facing some tough times ahead, or it could be the exact opposite. What will set the future are the different concerns commercial printing faces, and here is a list of some of them.

The first issue is directly involved with the raw material commercial printing makes use of. Commercial printing is fundamentally a business so one of its main concerns is the acquisition of profit. The cost of raw materials like paper and ink is thus directly involved in whether or not a commercial printer has a successful quarter or not. The costs of paper and ink are not fixed and can change at the slightest influence from different factors such as environmental concerns and the instability of oil prices. Commercial printing companies have to continuously keep up with material costs and the prices of the prints they are offering, because otherwise they would be losing money and eventually going down.

Another big concern when it comes to commercial printing is competition between commercial printing companies. As a business entity, each of these printers strives to rise above the rest, improving on speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness in order to attract more customers. Aside from this, commercial printing companies as a whole also compete with in-house printing as more and more companies opt out of commercial printing in favor of handling their printing needs on their own. Especially now that technology is quickly improving and becoming more user-friendly and easy to use, in-house printing is starting to gain ground in the industry.
The last issue is perhaps the most threatening one to the existence of commercial printing. With the increasing popularity of electronic information dissemination, commercial printing companies are starting to lose more and more customers who forgo commercially printed publicity materials in order to use the supposedly more “environmentally-friendly” internet media. With the steady growth and improvements of the internet, a future entirely devoid of commercial printing is possible but may not be for a long time yet.

These are but a few of the main issues revolving around commercial printing and the operation of commercial printing companies. For sure, there are a lot more issues that are not given much emphasis, but are also equally important in keeping the balance within the commercial printing industry. Commercial printing is a resilient trade, but who knows what the next 10 or 20 years of technological improvement and breakthroughs hold? It may be that commercial printing will evolve and survive into the next century, but it is also entirely possible that commercial printing die a sudden death.

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