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Commercial Printing: A Marketing Lifeline

A world without commercial printing is one devoid of a huge bulk of existing marketing and publicity materials. Without commercial printing companies to consistently produce the prints of every business and company imaginable, it is hard to imagine society continuing its daily life as before. Sure, new media such as the internet, television, and radio are still forms of marketing, and they would ensure that marketing as a trade does not die off completely. However, it cannot be denied that without commercial printing, marketing would not mean the same as it does nowadays.

Let us look into the different commercial printing products that have significant impacts in marketing.

Consider a simple business card. Almost, if not, all commercial printing companies all over the world are capable of producing this small card. As a marketing tool, it is invaluable to millions of people and has been a convenient and portable way of selling professional services to potential clients. Without business cards, then it would certainly harder for lots of people to come across jobs and potential clients, and these people would be limited to the internet for publicity.
Next are the flyers. Flyers are effective in that they are easy to disseminate and they have a greater chance of attracting the attention of passersby. Not all companies turn to the internet for advertising, and it would be a huge blow to these companies’ advertising strategy if flyers did not exist to be caught in the wind and carried off to prospective clients. For example, it is sometimes better to advertise a new high-rise condominium using flyers because they would have more chance of reaching the desired audience like the people who work nearby who are in need of a place to move to.

What about the posters? Posters are one of the most versatile of commercial printing products because they can come in quite a broad size range and can be designed to advertise a number of different things. At the same time, posters are even more attention-grabbing than flyers not only because they are bigger, but because they are usually more colorful and grandly designed. Without posters, industries such as the entertainment industry will lose one of the tools they use in advertising shows, concerts, and other important events.

The main point to this is to illustrate the correlation between the commercial printing industry and marketing and publicity. Companies, businesses, and entire industries are so dependent on their marketing teams that marketing is a tool that they cannot do without. In extension, marketing strategies are usually hinged on the use of products made by commercial printing companies, depending on the applications and the contexts involved. In the end, it can be conclusively claimed that without commercial printers, many companies and businesses will not be where they are today, primarily due to the lack of customers and effective advertising. Things like these make one rethink the notion that electronic marketing are starting to take over because as it looks now, commercial printing does not seem to be going anywhere.

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