5 Surefire Ways to Increase Google Adsense Earnings

Internet Google Adsense 5 Surefire Ways to Increase Google Adsense Earnings

I have been adding Google Adsense to my websites for a couple of years now with great success. It's amazing how adsense earnings can turn into another significant monthly income stream with little effort on your part. Once the ads have been added to your site there is little or no maintenance.

Some internet marketers are earning $100s and even $1000s per day with Adsense. Although I haven't reached that level I have learnt a little over the years to make the most profit from the Adsense ads on my pages.

Here are my 5 most effective ways to maximise your Adsense earnings:

1. Blend the Ads in with your Site - Create colors for your ads that will blend in with the colors on your website. The idea is to make the ads look less like ads and more like just another part of your site. To do this, make the Adsense ad border and background the same color as your website background. Also make the link text the same color as your website link text. This small change should significantly increase your Adsense click thru rate.

2. Place the Ads Correctly - Place the ads in a prominent position on your website. No point placing the ads where they are not going to be seen by the vast majority of your websites visitors. The most effective places to position your ads are at the top centre of your site and at the top right hand-side. Website visitor eyes tend to move from top centre to top right so anywhere in this area is good and of course you can find the most appropriate ads to fit well in these areas.

3. Choose the Most Profitable Ad Format - Through testing it has been found that the most effective Google Adsense format is the (338x280) large rectangle. This ad will outperform all the others but do not sacrifice the design of your website by squeezing one of these ads in where it just doesn't look right. Placing a large rectangle in the centre of the page is more preferable to putting it in one of the side columns where the layout will be effected.

4. Wrap Your Content - Through proper formatting you can wrap the content of your site around the ads. This is especially effective when wrapping a website article around a (338x280) ad. If you visit any of my sites that have articles on them you can see how this looks. For instructions how to do this just Google "wrap text around Google adsense".
5. Maintain Relevant Content - Although Google's automatic script for targeting ads to the content of your site is mostly first class there are times when it doesn't match the right ad to your content. The way to avoid this is to place good quality targeted content on your pages. If you are creating websites specifically to earn from Google then make sure to focus the keywords around one topic. Placing various keywords on a variety of unrelated topics will result in untargeted ads on your site.

The most important point when placing Google adsense on your websites is to stay within Google's terms of service which you can find on their site. Many people have lost their Adsense accounts through flirting with dodgy practices in order to increase earnings. This may pay off in the short term but Google will always catch you out in the end.

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