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Insurance Life Insurance Why buy 10 or even 5 year term life insurance?

Why buy 10 or even 5 year term life insurance?

Why you should consider buying a lesser term life insurance policy

The title of this article may be a bit off. Not everyone should buy a shorter term life insurance policy however, there are some very good reasons why individuals should if the circumstances match up. In this article, I'll mention some obvious and not so obvious reasons why you or one of your family members should consider purchasing a 5 year term life insurance policy or a 10 year term life insurance policy. (click here for your free Term Life Insurance quote, "It only takes a couple minutes!")

It's cheaper!

Ok, this is the obvious reason one may consider purchasing a shorter term life insurance policy. The longer the term the more expensive your premiums. So a short term insurance policy is quite a bit cheaper. The reasons for this is that it is less risky for the insurance company to insure. Of course your policy premium still has a lot to do with your health but in general the shorter the term, the cheaper the premiums. Saying that, I would not recommend purchasing a shorter term simply because it's more affordable. You would find out that once the policy is up your rates would go up and it would be quite a bit more to purchase three 10 year term life insurance policies back-to-back then to purchase one 30 year term life insurance policy. So why would someone want a shorter term?

It's for certain circumstances

When you know when your burdens are significantly reduced you can purchase a term life insurance policy to end at the right time. For example, if you're last child is a senior in high school and your well on your way to become an empty nester you can assume that your costs associated with education, and every other expense associated with children will be gone in 5 years then why not purchase a policy to cover that period. If you are in your 60's and are close to medicare or possibly cashing out some investments then you may consider a shorter term life insurance policy. Maybe your close to paying off your mortgage and all of your other expenses are covered through a different policy you may want to consider purchasing a 5, 10 or even 15 year term life insurance policy.

I believe we've made our point. It's all about timing and each term life insurance product is designed to meet certain instances and circumstances. Not every life insurance company offers shorter term life policies so you may need to shop around.

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