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When I was studying, my parents had a dream of their daughter becoming a great doctor or a surgeon. But I didnít want to be any of that; I wanted to be something completely different. So when I finally became a divorce lawyer, my parents felt gutted.

My parents were happy that Iím doing well in my chosen profession but they would have been even happier if I was a doctor. They believe being a doctor and making a difference in someone life is more rewarding tan being responsible for breaking a marriage.

To some extent I do understand where they are coming form but at the same time, I find my job also rewarding. I donít see myself responsible for breaking a marriage; I just help them end something that is making a couple miserable. But I do feel really guilty when there are young children involved, and at times like that I do feel somewhat responsible for breaking their home.
Overall being divorce lawyer is hard work, I have been working at Maidstone divorce firm for a year now and I have had so many cases itís unbelievable. I never imagined that there will be so many people deciding to end their marriage, I thought Iíd have one or two cases in a month but I was shocked to have new cases arriving every day, to a point where I had 10 cases handed over to me in just 2 days.

I am hoping that over the next few years the divorce rate really comes down, as seeing all these divorce cases is making me not want to get married. I have been with my boyfriend for three years now, and we have been thinking about getting married this year, but I feel really scared as I donít want one of my colleagues to be handling my case in a few years time.

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