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  • Checking in your cat at comfortable catteries in London

    By jenifer smith

    If you're going away for a few days or longer but cannot find a cat sitter, then catteries in London are ideal. Catteries in London is the perfect way for you to enjoy your holiday as you know your cat or cats are being well cared for back at home.  Read..

  • Bird Tables- “You coming down the local for some seed, mate?”

    By jenifer smith

    Just like the hapless homeless man you pass a couple of coppers to at the end of a day’s hard work is in society; Starlings are at the bottom of the birdlife hierarchy.  Read..

  • Keeping Your Cat Healthy

    By Nick Campbell

    Cats are fairly self-sufficient on the whole. They don’t need to be taken for walks or given lots of attention to ensure that they remain happy and healthy. And yet, just because they are self-sufficient, this doesn’t mean that, as an owner, one should just let them always get on with things. From the pet foods you give to your cat to how you treat it and even the environment you offer it, there will be many things one needs to get right to ensure a cat stays as healthy as possible.  Read..

  • What Should My Dog Eat?

    By James Dacanay

    Pet food is available by numerous brands with numerous price tags. So, how do you know what you should buy for your dog? It is important to try and get the dog food right from the beginning, as changing diet can be disruptive to your dog’s digestive system. The best advice for which dog food to choose will come from your vet, who can tell you what is best for your breed, size, age and condition of dog.  Read..

  • Dogs Have Similar Needs to Humans to Keep Them Happy

    By James Dacanay

    Dogs need the same essentials of food, shelter and love that humans do, but they also need entertainment, stimulation and fulfilment the same as we do too, just in different ways. Just because you get a lot of enjoyment out of spending time with your dog, doesn’t mean that he is completely fulfilled by this. In fact, dogs generally enjoy the company of other dogs, so if you can afford to have more than one, this may be one of the best ways you can keep him happy.  Read..

  • Starting to Feed Your Newborn Kitten

    By James Dacanay

    If you have a kitten then you have a very important role to play in getting her ready for moving from a diet of milk to proper kitten food. For the first four weeks, their mother’s milk gives them all the nutrients they need, and their body weight will increase as a result of that to as much as double, or even triple.  Read..

  • Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages

    By William Pollard

    Thinking of taking your dog on holiday? Try dog friendly holiday cottages. Why exactly would you need dog friendly holiday cottages? For one maybe you don’t like having to leave your dog all along while you go on holiday. Leaving the poor animal all alone besides whoever comes to feed and walk it can be quite cruel in a way, as your dog loves you and being separated from you can seriously make it depressed.  Read..

  • Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

    By William Blackstone

    As a nation of dog lovers, Brits perhaps more than other nations love to spoil their dogs. When you’re eating your dinner and he’s sniffing around and pawing at your legs, looking at you with those gorgeous puppy dog eyes, it can be hard to resist sneaking him a bite or two. However, although it seems like he wants a tasty treat off your plate, dog food exists for a reason. Much human food isn’t appropriate for consumption by your pet and can actually have negative consequences for his health.  Read..

  • Essential Accessories for Travelling with Your Dog

    By Peter Fleming

    Now it’s holiday season, many dog owners are looking to what they should do with their pup while away. Unless you have a kindly friend or family member who can look after him, the only other option is to put your pet into professional kennels – unless you take him with you, of course. With more people choosing to stay in the UK for their holidays, this makes it much easier to take your dog with you, although you will need certain dog accessories to help you out.  Read..

  • United Vet Equine Offers All-in-One Supplement with Exceed 6-Way

    By Dafne Gayle

    Let’s face it. Horses need all the nutritional support they can get, especially if they’re performance horses. It’s easy to get lost wandering the aisles of the feed store, trying to figure out how many of those pails of supplements will do the trick, struggling to make sense of it all.  Read..

  • Make sure a new cat has everything it needs

    By Lee Malcolm

    For many working people a cat is the ideal companion. They are loving, curious, fun and best of all they don't need constant round the clock attention. Of course they need looking after, but versus their canine counterparts they are far less intensive. People can go out to work all day and a cat will happily amuse itself at home or around the neighbourhood.  Read..

  • Where are the Best Places to Buy Pet Food?

    By Dirk Rowell

    There are many different places from which one can buy food for their cat or dog. From supermarkets to pet shops, there will be many different places selling hundreds of different types of food. However, knowing the best place could make a big difference and not only might it become easier to always make sure you have food in for your pet, but it may also help keep your pet far happier and healthier too.  Read..

  • Choosing the Right Food for Your Pet

    By James Dacanay

    Choosing pet food needs a great deal more consideration than many people realise, and choosing food based on your own pet’s age, size and needs can make a surprising difference.  Read..

  • Looking After Indoor Cats

    By James Dacanay

    If you choose to keep your cat indoors, it is important know that they will need to be looked after in a slightly different way to any pet that is allowed outdoors. Not only are you likely to wish to offer your pet different food if they are kept in the house all day every day, but you are also going to need to make sure they are mentally and physically stimulated, to ensure they don’t become depressed or overweight.  Read..

  • Improving Pet Behaviour

    By William Blackstone

    There are very few pets who are model animal citizens and whether they try to push their luck and get a little cheeky now and again, or whether they actively defy you at every turn, knowing a few simple tricks to improve your pet’s behaviour is likely to be helpful.  Read..

  • Most dogs prefer kennels

    By John Arbuthnot

    Whereas smaller dogs are perfectly happy indoors it's a different story for their larger counterparts. Big dogs and small houses just don't go well together. There's not enough room for everyone. That kind of environment can be very restrictive and limited for one of the larger breeds.  Read..

  • Home From Home Dog Boarding can offer you a great dog boarding deal

    By Jessica Thomson

    Based in London Home From Home is a leading, privately-owned dog boarding agency that specialises in providing superior accommodation for your pooch when you’re out of home. Established in 1996, Home From Home offers a highly specialised service for discerning and caring dog owners, and the bespoke dog boarding deal options that we have won’t be beaten either.  Read..

  • Picking the best Dry dog Food for your pet

    By Jessica Thomson

    Lay a bowl of Dry dog Food down for your faithful chum and he should tuck in greedily, chomping down every last mouthful with relish and enthusiasm. You know something’s not right if you hand your pet a bowl of Dry dog Food and they look at you with big sorry eyes. It’s obvious you’ve made a mistake choosing the Dry dog Food, your four-legged friend just isn’t happy with the choice. So how do you make mealtimes a pleasure for your pal, how do ensure you always buy them Dry dog Food and purchase dog accessories that you know they are going to like? Pick your Dry dog Food wisely from a leading pet store that sells a selection of scrummy treats.  Read..

  • Enjoy the proven results of Dog Training Classes Cardiff

    By Jessica Thomson

    Having trouble trying to control your dog at the moment? Worried their errant behaviour is spiralling out of control? Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to train a dog, you’ll need a little expert help and dog training classes Cardiff are one option you could choose if you live in South Wales. If you’ve reached the point when you’ve forgotten which one of you is the master and which one is the mutt, Dog Training Classes Cardiff will help you to remember.  Read..