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  • Collect every kind of bird, on a stamp

    By Adam Nicolson

    Stamp collecting is a hobby in which many people enjoy. Some people are basic collectors and some work at this pastime with huge enthusiasm spending a vast amount of time on each collection. There are many collections to be had from all around the world symbolising many different dates, occasions, pastimes and even animals of the world.  Read..

  • The Penny Black-The first ever stamp issued in Britain

    By Adam Nicolson

    The Penny black stamp was issued in Britain on the 1st May 1840 to be used for official use on the 6th May and was the first ever stamp to be printed to use in the public postal system. The idea of the stamp was to prepay for postage rather than paying for postage on delivery. At the time postage was charged for by the sheet and distance of delivery. The word postage was printed at the top of the stamp and the words One penny printed at the bottom indicating how much the pre paid stamp had cost prior to delivery.  Read..

  • Karate lessons Chatham

    By jenifer smith

    Do you want to get fit in body and mind? Would you like to learn how to protect yourself whilst learning a new skill? Well your journey starts right here.  Read..

  • What Is Entertainment and How You Entertain Yourself

    By roger boo

    Entertainment can be described as a form of leisure activity that an individual or a group of people can take part in. This is to say that it can either be collective or individually depending on an individual interest. Entertainment provides fun, enjoyment and relaxation just to mention. Entertainment is a practice that is believed to have started millions of years ago, for instance in most African traditional society families could gather during the evening and grandparents would tell the family a story. Some would take part in traditional activities such as traditional dance, wrestling among others; most of these activities were educational.  Read..

  • Cannondale mountain bikes; the thoroughbreds of the bike world

    By jenifer smith

    Are you getting back into biking or upgrading your current ride? Choosing a top notch bike is important. You might be an impulsive buyer or the kind that puts in hours of research. Surosa Cycles research every bike before adding it to their stocks so you know when you buy Cannondale mountain bikes from Surosa you’re getting outstanding equipment. Of course you still have to decide on the style of bike and set your price range but Surosa have halved the effort of choosing a new bike immediately.  Read..

  • Pitch up at the finest golfing Accommodation Mpumalanga has to offer

    By jenifer smith

    Like golf and love staying in luxury accommodation Mpumalanga when you take golfing breaks? If so, the Kruger Park Lodge has everything you could possibly want if you want to enjoy a little fun putting in the sun and have top quality Accommodation Mpumalanga close by. If it’s been a while since you had the opportunity to escape from it all and enjoy some quality ‘you’ time on a golfing course, book a room at the best Accommodation Mpumalanga can provide. The Kruger Park Lodge offers excellence along with value for money for tourists that want Accommodation Mpumalanga in a highly characteristic setting. You’ll be staying in thatched chalets on a massive private golf estate in a home-from-home location in some of the finest Accommodation Mpumalanga has become famous for.  Read..

  • The Australian Kangaroo and Map – One of The Greatest Stamp Designs?

    By Adam Nicolson

    Little did the world’s most well known philatelist expect what was coming next - stamps without his portrait at all!  Read..

  • The Early Days of Stamp Collecting (and The First Stamp Album!)

    By Adam Nicolson

    From the early 1850s, there was enough interest in stamps to cause various dealers in antiquities, curios or coins to see an opportunity in making a living from catering for these new collectors. Among the earliest stamp dealers were: the Brussel's antiquities dealer J.B. Moens, who became a dealer in 1852; William S. Lincoln of London, who became a schoolboy collector/dealer in 1853; and Stanley Gibbons of Plymouth, who in 1856 took a portion of his father's pharmacy, to become a dealer at the ripe old age of sixteen.  Read..

  • When is the Best Time to Buy Concert Tickets?

    By Jhon Alley

    Unfortunately, there is no best time to buy tickets for a concert, only a best time to buy tickets for each specific concert. However, once you know how to look for tickets, it becomes far easier to work out when and where to buy your tickets.  Read..

  • Photographer captures impressive images of Northern Lights

    By Michael Rosen

    There are many fascinating things for holidaymakers to see around the world, but few can beat the sheer majesty and wonder of the Aurora Borealis. It is little surprise therefore that so many people head off on Northern Lights holidays.  Read..

  • BB guns can be great fun to play with

    By Tommy Wayne

    If you want to practice target shooting then you will need to use BB guns in order to achieve this. BB guns are really affordable and, if you don’t want to practice the professional sport of Airsoft, then two tone BB guns are the ideal purchase for you. If, however, you do want to practice Airsoft then you will need a different type of gun specifically for this purpose.  Read..

  • Avert hairy salon situations by enlisting HR payroll help

    By Lee Malcolm

    The government and numerous business owners often appear to be at odds with workplace directives emerging from Brussels, and one of the latest sectors to find itself under the European spotlight is the hairdressing industry. Proposals being drafted will prohibit hairdressing staff from wearing high heels whilst on duty, instead suggesting that footwear with non-slip soles becomes part of the dress code. Jewellery items, including watches and wedding rings, could also be vetoed if the proposals become directives.  Read..

  • Yoga guru heads to Peterborough

    By Tom Jui

    People who love getting into their yoga wear and taking part in classes may be interested to note that one of the world’s leading experts is travelling to Peterborough this month to train yoga instructors.  Read..

  • How to Avoid Straining Your Muscles When you Work Out

    By How to Avoid Straining Your Muscles When you Work Out

    It is very common for those who work out on a regular basis to strain or even tear muscles even if they have been training for many years. Ultimately, pushing yourself too hard is likely to lead to problems and leave you unable to train for a significant length of time, and in turn pushing yourself can do far more harm to your training regime than good.  Read..

  • Can You Climb a Mountain?

    By Aidan Smith

    If you have ever asked yourself if you have what it takes to climb a mountain (and not just the piddly ones we have in this country, but a real mountain such as Everest or Kilimanjaro), then there is a good chance that you have the most important thing that any climber will need: a sense of adventure.  Read..

  • Great places for consumers to use their binoculars

    By Peter Fleming

    Getting a high-quality pair of binoculars can be an exciting development for consumers. These items can be used for spotting wildlife such as birds and for getting a better view of the stunning scenery around. They can also be turned to the skies for clearer sightings of the moon, stars, planets and so on.  Read..

  • Choosing a Companion for Your Trip

    By John Arbuthnot

    If you are heading away, whether for business or for pleasure, it goes without saying that having a companion with you will make the trip a great deal more exciting and satisfying. In some circumstances, companionship can help us to simply relax and enjoy ourselves a great deal more, whilst in others it can actually help to improve how others see us. After all, if you are going away somewhere that is filled with couples, you may feel slightly out of place if you turn up alone.  Read..

  • Night vision technology to be used in badger management

    By Peter Fleming

    These days, there are many night vision products available for both amateurs and professionals to make use of. For example, by heading online, individuals can find superb quality gun sights that feature this technology.  Read..

  • Bird watching binoculars can come in handy on Mull

    By Peter Fleming

    There are plenty of places in the UK for people to head to when they want to make the most of their bird watching binoculars and one of them is the isle of Mull. This is the second largest island in the Inner Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland.  Read..

  • How Often Should You Check Your Pipe Fittings?

    By John Arbuthnot

    Flanges and other pipe fittings can fail at any time. When such an incident occurs, the results can be serious, often either costing huge amounts of money in repairs and lost productivity, or even potentially seriously harming those around.  Read..

  • Bird Watching for All

    By James Dacanay

    Bird watching is a pastime that is increasing in popularity all the time. Whilst it may seem like a more antiquated hobby than some, in reality it is now actually more popular than ever before. However, this means that, whilst it is going to be easier to find clubs or societies to be a part of, the actual ability for many people to find a prime spot from which to watch birds, without encroaching on other people’s patches, may not always be easy.  Read..

  • Second Hand Books Can Save Money

    By James Dacanay

    Any book lover worth their salt will love the feeling of a good book, the thickness of the paper, and the satisfaction of turning that final page. However, new books can be expensive and this can put people off from buying the latest novel from their favourite author.  Read..

  • Dancewear

    By Adam Nicolson

    If you love to dance, you will know how important it is to buy the right dancewear. Not only will you look great you will also be able to move freely and really enjoy your dancing.  Read..

  • Features of Baked Peach Halves

    By karenxiao

    Folks in the world are familiar with peach halves with regards to delicious tastes as well as other tastes. Even so, not enough people possess a deep and apparent understanding of the rewards along with usage of baked peach halves.  Read..

  • Find Reasonable Cruise Deals

    By Maria Wilmer

    Especially with the existing issues with the economy, people looking to vacation on a cruise ship are looking for even more cost-effective ways so they can stretch their vacation budget even further. In actuality, vacation budgets are the first to get cut from any household budget when cost saving measures need to be taken. However, you can find a truly affordable cruise vacation and visit places like the Caribbean for extremely reasonable rates when you bid on travel packages at auction websites. There are cruise deals at bidding websites online where you can absolutely find an inexpensive cruise vacation and treat your loved ones even on a very low budget.  Read..

  • Pallet Delivery

    By Jassica Thomson

    Make arrangements for a Pallet delivery through a quality company that offers the finest warehousing solutions. Contact a North West company that specialises in Pallet delivery, let them look after your loads from now on. When you need a large quantity of pallets delivering within a short timescale, only the best Pallet Delivery service will do. Urgent deliveries are the speciality of Roberts transport solutions; they’re the leading Pallet Delivery firm in the North West. If you’re tried the rest enjoy an altogether better experience for Pallet Delivery and make arrangements for your consignments to be express delivered by a company that cares about customer service.  Read..

  • Narrowboats for Sale are a great idea

    By Jessica Thomson

    If you love narrowboats and have always dreamed of owning one then why don’t you consider looking at narrowboats for sale. If you do decide to buy one for yourself and take to the country’s waterways then you can really live the dream and see the country from the comfort of your lovely boat. There are lots of narrowboats for sale that you can choose from and, with some really luxurious features in many of them you are sure to find that you take to this life with absolute ease.  Read..

  • BB guns

    By Jessica Thomson

    Action Hobbies is a leading supplier of BB guns and accessories that are guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours. If you love the thrill of combat, and are looking for a hobby that gets the heart racing ensuring that you have hours of fun with your friends, then here at Action Hobbies we have a selection of, point blank, the best products available on the market today.  Read..

  • Cut to the chase when buying Circular saw blades

    By Jessica Thomson

    How many Circular saw blades does your woodworking machinery get through in the average year? Can you put an exact figure on the amount of Circular saw blades that you require in any given month?  Read..

  • American pool tables are fantastic to play on

    By Jessica Thomson

    American pool tables differ to the traditional pool tables that we use in this country in that they tend to be a whole lot bigger and better looking. Many people will only play on American pool tables as they feel that the experience of the game is really enhanced. Although pool is a game that is played in many places up and down the country, in homes as well as games establishments and the traditional pub, in order to play on an American pool table you really do need space for the table as well as the players to move around.  Read..

  • Who do you find in the sound recording studio

    By jassica thomson

    The sound recording studio is certainly something the TV and music industries could not do without. It has played a vital role in making recordings since the advent of audio equipment in the early part of the 19th century. These days the sound recording studio is the hub of many elements of television, film and music production. With that in mind here is a brief introduction to the type of people you will find in the sound recording studio on any given day:  Read..

  • Learn Tacking Up a Horse

    By Little John

    Tacking up your horse is as necessary as you need to bath and dress up yourself. It provides makes your horse fit by look and health both. It is also imperative to training the horse. Tacking up a horse includes grooming and preparing the horse for riding. Saddles, halters, bridles, bits, reins, harnesses, breastplates, martingales are important equipments and accessories used for tacking up horses. Do you know how to tack up your horse? If not, would you like to learn tacking up? Learn some important tips and suggestions which will assist you to tack up your horse correctly so that you can keep your horse fit and enjoy riding smoothly.