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For a wide range of the industry leading educational books, Usborne books visit The Wooden Toy Box.

Our children are precious and treasured and as responsible parents or education providers we want to give them the best possible start in life, along with the staples of food, heat and care and of course love great quality children’s educational toys are an essential part of their development.

Trends have changed in recent years with advances in technology many children are favouring computer based games and this is not deemed a good thing by educational professionals, we want to get back to basics and encourage our children to play to use their imagination and develop their social skills. In order to do this we need to entice the children and rekindle their adventurous side and bring their natural imagination to the surface. One of the most effective ways to do this is by providing exciting children’s educational toys, whether it is playing dress up, musical toys or great fun books such as the highly acclaimed Usborne books. Whether it is for private use at home or crèches, nurseries or for child minders at The Wooden Toy Box we are confident we have all the very best children’s educational toys to satisfy even the harshest of little critics.

The Wooden Toy Box is a dedicated online retailer of fantastic children’s educational toys and Usborne books suitable for all ages, genders and budgets; we are based in Greater Manchester and have the stock and logistics to successfully and quickly supply customers all over the country with our fantastic products. We cover everything from Sevi build up trains and trucks and pull and push along vehicles to building and stacking tools and blocks, dress up and imaginary play toys, musical instruments and our classical beautiful wooden animals including everything from cats and dogs to dinosaurs and ladybirds, each one beautifully made and treasured by their owners. We keep abreast of educational advances and as such have included the highly acclaimed Usborne books. Usborne books are used by both schools and parents at home all over the country and are highly acclaimed for their ability to keep interest alive, promote interaction and increase knowledge learning through play.

Visit us online to view our e-catalogue for all your children’s educational toys.
Usborne books by Visit their website today if you're looking for childrens educational toys.
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