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  • Choosing a Hairdressers in Modbury

    By jenifer smith

    People who are looking for Hairdressers in Modbury or a hair salon in northern suburbs are likely to find a number of salons that they can choose from. Lots of people will visit the same hairdressers in Modbury once they have found a hair salon northern suburbs that they are happy with. Other people will visit a different hairdressers in Modbury each time thy get their hair done. Many customers will be tempted to try out a new hair salon in northern suburbs if they are offering any special promotions or deals for new customers. Special offers are a great way for hairdressers in Modbury to attract new clients and it is then down to the hairdresser to make a lasting impression so the customer chooses to return next time they need their hair cut or coloured. People will also use a hair salon in northern suburbs on a recommendation from a friend or family member.  Read..

  • Be an example for others with Fashion boutique clothing

    By burstingpinks

    Looking glamorous is not a secret; it’s a unique way to present oneself. Stunning looks is not only limited to face, a style icon is known by his whole personality. Getting praised and noticed in the crowd is what it takes to be a star. The best way to reflect our persona to others is by showcasing dazzling clothes awe-inspiring our personality. Clothing plays an important role in an individual’s life. It not only defines your personality but also represent your frame of mind at particular moments. Nowadays, people especially youngster understand the importance of fashionable clothing. It gives a unique touch outshining our character so that everybody around can adore us. Branded clothes are considered as the status of symbol raising our esteem to a higher extent. That is why designer from all over the world craft distinctive clothes every time.  Read..

  • Get into the festive spirit wearing Fancy Dress Costumes this Christmas

    By jenifer smith

    Ho-ho-ho folks, it’s that time of year again and I’m in the mood for a bit of partying. Not just any old party though, a Fancy Dress party where all the guests have to wear Fancy Dress Costumes. If you can’t get into the spirit of things this Christmas wearing Fancy Dress Costumes when can you let your hair down and have a fabulous time? The festive season is the ideal time to have a whole heap of fun and Fancy Dress Costumes are bound to add the sense of the occasion. You could become Santa for the evening, turn up as an Elf on the night or feel what it’s like to be Frosty the snowman wearing fun, festive costumes this Xmas. The festive holidays are made for Fancy Dress parties and I’ll be hosting my annual party the weekend prior to the big day, I’m considering dressing up as Rudolph this year!  Read..

  • What Is Meant by Black Tie?

    By john watson

    If you have received an invitation to a formal event held in the evening it is likely to be black tie. When an invitation says this it is important to get your attire right. Not doing so will make you feel like the odd man out and could even in result in your not being admitted to the event.  Read..

  • Stylish and sophisticated wedding underwear from Stephanie Jane Lingerie – the best wedding underwear in the UK

    By jenifer smith

    Providing the sophisticated and stylish shape and form brides look to achieve when it comes to that wedding day, wedding underwear is some of the most elegant underwear available. Capable of complementing any body shape, the best wedding underwear UK utilises some of the best technology in their designs to create comfortable and easily wearable items.  Read..

  • Why Buy a Tailored Suit?

    By William Pollard

    The popularity of tailored men's suits is to some extent on the wane. There are several reasons for this, but the fact that many men no longer own a tailored suit is a great shame.  Read..

  • Why Black Suits Just Work

    By William Pollard

    When it comes to business attire there is nothing like a suit. A suit just says professional if you are selling something or are providing a service wearing a suit can inspire confidence in your clients.  Read..

  • Ballet Costumes

    By Adam Nicolson

    If you’re interested in the fine art of ballet, you’re going to need ballet costumes. Ballet is more than just a form of dance, and that’s why ballet costumes are so important when it comes to putting together a complete ballet performance. In many ways ballet is more theater than dance, as a story is being told rather than simply displaying physical coordination and a sense of style to music.  Read..

  • The Maxi Dress is Back

    By Adam Nicolson

    Everyone knows that fashion is cyclical. At some point the dresses you wore in your teens will come back into fashion and that is exactly what has happened with the maxi dress. These full-length dresses, which are usually elasticated or cinched at the waist, flatter the figure of a lot of women, so it is little wonder they are popular again.  Read..

  • Buying Petite Dresses

    By Adam Nicolson

    If you are a small woman, buying a dress that fits properly can be problematic. If you are not careful, you can find yourself trying on dresses in the children's section, which is far from ideal. The styling is all wrong, usually too young, and a child's dress is just not cut to accommodate a woman's figure.  Read..

  • Buying a Dress for a Special Occasion

    By Adam Nicolson

    If you are lucky, you will be invited to attend a special occasion every now and again. When the invite comes, you want to be prepared. If you wear the right outfit, you will look and feel like a million dollars. Choose the wrong dress and you will not enjoy your day anywhere as much as you would otherwise. You can end up feeling underdressed and out of place.  Read..

  • Luxury Linen

    By Adam Nicolson

    There is nothing like luxury linen to allow you to get a good night's sleep. Anyone who has stayed in a five star hotel will tell you that you really do sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed.  Read..

  • Great quality, individually tailored Italian leather jackets from Soul Revolver.

    By Tommy Wayne

    The production of leather is one of humanity’s oldest trades dating back thousands of years it has remained extremely popular through out the years due to its flexible properties as well as its durability. Leather is a material synonymous with luxury, timeless in style and with a quality that will last throughout the seasons. Leather jackets are an investment they can be worn through out all the fashion seasons as they remain timeless, whatever your personal style or budget Soul Revolver are sure to have the perfect leather jackets for you.  Read..

  • Making a sensible choice for Faux leather handbags

    By lucykate

    It is a dream of every female to buy a trendy and chic handbag. She wants a handbag which perfectly suits her every mood and dress, a handbag which she can carry to the workplace or to some party. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a handbag then buying Faux leather handbags would be a smart choice. As per a survey, it has been found that leather bags are quite popular among the females; these bags are noticeably stylish and last for years. First and foremost it is the material of the handbag that should be given priority. Some of the handbags are prepared using different fabrics which include – Faux fur, linen, velvet, suede, rayon, and tapestry.  Read..

  • Ladies Fashions At Viyella

    By Adam Nicolson

    When it comes to women's clothing there are many different choices and options that lie ahead. Shoppers can opt for a variety of different items in many styles, colours, and sizes, and this means that while there is a great range of choice, it can seem baffling at first glance. Know your size, have some idea of the type of outfit you are looking for, and use a reputable and reliable online retailer to enjoy the benefits that online shopping has to offer.  Read..

  • Country Casual Ladies Clothing

    By William Pollard

    Whether attending a social event or looking for an outfit for regular wear, you should ensure that you buy quality items at competitive prices. You can find a huge selection of clothing items, styles, sizes, and colours so make the most of this range of choice to create outfits that best suit you and the occasion that you intend to wear them for. Choose dresses or outfits, add fascinators or hats, and incorporate a handbag, scarf, and jewellery to create the perfect outfit for any occasion.  Read..

  • Get That Feel of Luxury with Satin

    By Adam Nicolson

    When we are at home, the chances are that we are hoping to put our feet up and relax while we get the chance. We will do all we can to make our homes as comfortable as possible and spend a great deal of money on getting the best furniture and the right décor. To get the most comfortable furniture we will, where possible, be willing to spend more on the right materials to maximise the comfort we get. Being comfortable at home is more than just about furniture however and the clothes we wear will also make a difference. Satin fabric is a popular material to wear around the home because it is soft to the touch and also very light.  Read..

  • Dannii Minogue complements Queen on fashion choices

    By Michael Rosen

    The Queen is certainly getting her fair share of attention this year and she hit the headlines again recently when Dannii Minogue described her as a "fashion icon". The Australian singer, TV personality, designer and model is renowned for her flare when it comes to women's fashion clothing herself and so she should know what she is talking about.  Read..

  • Celebrity couple host fashion fundraiser

    By Michael Rosen

    Consumers who are keen to buy women's clothing online might be interested in a recent fashion event that took place in England's third city. Irish footballer Shay Given and his wife Jane hosted a star-studded charity event in Manchester.  Read..

  • Colour blocking is in this season

    By Michael Rosen

    There is no shortage of cheap women's clothing for ladies to purchase these days. This is good news for those who want to let their imaginations run wild when they are stocking up on women's fashion clothing.  Read..

  • Royal fashion inspiration during the jubilee year

    By Michael Rosen

    In the year of the Queen's diamond jubilee, plenty of media attention has been focused on this long-serving head of state and her women's fashion clothing is among the things that have been in the spotlight. Writing in the Guardian, Jess Cartner-Morley suggested the fashion world is scrabbling to pay homage to the monarch.  Read..

  • How Portable Garment Rails Can Give Your Store More Scope

    By Lee Malcolm

    A portable garment rail is often seen as a temporary solution, whether in clothing stores or within the home. However, whilst retail design may often favour very slick stylised units, there are still plenty of situations where portable clothes rails are likely to be more beneficial.  Read..

  • Upgrade Your Wardrobe with the Best Ladies Fashions

    By Adam Nicolson

    Whatever the time of year, you probably want to add pieces to your wardrobe to be sure you're dressed stylishly for the season. Some of the more basic pieces never go out of style, and then you can add items that are more trendy, to supplement your existing wardrobe.  Read..

  • How to Shop For the Perfect Wedding Guest Dresses

    By Adam Nicolson

    It can be difficult to find the perfect outfit for a wedding. You need to find an outfit that of course fits the occasion and the venue in which it is to be held, but you need to make sure that your outfit remains slightly understated so that you do not outshine those in the wedding party, especially the mother of the bride. Typical colours for mother of the bride dresses tend to be in shades of blue, so that could be a good colour to avoid, although there is no set rule for this, and of course along with the outfit there is the hat, and you do not want to turn up at the wedding wearing the same as either her or any other guest for that matter.  Read..

  • Why Petite Dresses Could Offer the Perfect Fit

    By Adam Nicolson

    It can be difficult when looking for an off the peg number for a special occasion, to find a dress that fits you exactly. Sleeve length can occasionally seem disproportionate compared to the rest of the garment, or the length can be longer than you would like. Especially with the current trend for long maxi dresses you can end up tripping over all of the excess material as some designers seem to be under the impression that the average height of the female British population is around 5' 7"; unfortunately the majority of the female population don't quite measure up to their statistics.  Read..

  • Ladies Dresses for Seasonal Style – Know What to Add to Your Wardrobe

    By Adam Nicolson

    There are many ladies dresses being shown this season that you'll be pleased to add to your wardrobe. The styles are various, from stunning to comfortable and laid-back. In the warmer months, it's enjoyable to add some colour to your wardrobe, and there are many options from which to make your selections. You just may have trouble narrowing down your choices from the many styles and looks that are available.  Read..

  • Selecting the Most Stylish Ladies Tops

    By Adam Nicolson

    Whether you're headed to a business meeting or a relaxing dinner with friends, you'll want to select stylish ladies tops that will help you look your best and feel comfortable at the same time. In the spring and summer months, people often select tops with bright colours and perhaps clever patterns. Plain colours are still more suitable for professional wear, but you can choose lighter-weight fabrics, so that you'll be more comfortable.  Read..

  • Step Outdoors in Style with Fashionable Ladies Coats

    By Adam Nicolson

    Winter is the time you think of coats most readily, since you need them for warmth. But lightweight coats can also be stylish in the spring and fall, and even on those cool summer nights. Regardless of the season, you'll want coats that will look attractive and stylish. There are so many styles of ladies coats, even if you look for just one particular season. From wool to leather to cotton and more, there are many types of coats available, and it all depends on your preference, as to which ones you will add to your wardrobe.  Read..

  • Quality outdoor clothing and footwear for less

    By Tom Jui

    The UK is home to some stunning countryside and mountain ranges. Think of the Brecon Beacons in Wales, the Yorkshire Dales or the Lake District as just a few examples of beautiful areas of the UK. Enjoying the outdoors is healthy, invigorating and relaxing. City dwellers can leave the grime, dirt and noise far behind as they enjoy stunning scenery and some much needed fresh air.  Read..

  • Delving into the Decades for Fancy Dress Ideas

    By James Dacanay

    One of the most fun things about fancy dress is deciding what to wear. These days, with thanks to the internet, it’s never been easier to find fancy dress ideas and costumes. However, with a little creativity, dressing up is easy – especially when you take your inspiration from times gone by.  Read..

  • How to Protect Your Leather Jackets from the Elements

    By Adam Nicolson

    Leather jackets are beautiful and practical items of clothing, keeping you warm in the cold, dry in the rain and making you look stylish and chic.  Read..

  • How to Look Great in the Rain with Waterproof Jackets

    By Adam Nicolson

    When the weather outside is grey and drizzling, do you know how to still look attractive and stylish? If you don’t then you are in trouble because here in the UK there are a great many rainy days in the year!  Read..

  • Look Sophisticated in a Leather Jacket

    By Aidan Smith

    Whether it is within the workplace or out being part of a social gathering with friends, individuals want to look their best at all times. The quality of fabrics and appearance of fashion items available across all retail stores provide customers with an extensive array of clothing options. These items are spread across all genres, genders, seasons and purposes to ensure individuals can obtain items of clothing they require in a professional or lifestyle sense. The overall quality within the design and fabric can ultimately act as a self-confidence boost; wearing clothing that portrays a person�s figure and brings out their best features can reflect well on an individual and make them feel positive about themselves.  Read..

  • Winter Hip Kid Clothes Essentials

    By vinny vinisha

    You already know that Lollipop Moon has hundreds of trendy baby clothes and cool kid toys perfect for baby gifts or anytime of the year. However, did you know that they also have their own line of trendy baby clothes and hip kid clothes? Their fun designs have been on several celebrity babies. For this upcoming season, Lollipop Moon has some new designs for babies and kids. These fun designs will surely appease any personality, as well as get a giggle or two.  Read..

  • Trendy Baby Clothes Trends for the New Year

    By Vinny Vinisha

    Now that it is 2012 – it is time to update your little one’s wardrobe. Lollipop Moon has all of the cutest fashions and style ideas perfect for the New Year. Not sure what you should be dressing your little one in this new season? Lollipop Moon is here to help. With Lollipop Moon’s top baby boutique style expertise and huge collection of trendy baby clothes and hip kid clothes, your baby and child will look stylish all of 2012.  Read..

  • Vintage Clothing – ideal for fashionistas keen to stand out from the crowd

    By Jessica Thomson

    Vintage clothing is one of the most enduring fashions of the last decade, with celebrities including Alexa Chung and Kate Moss helping to ensure that combining vintage clothing with more modern pieces is still a fashion option for many fashion fans.  Read..