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National Rail Telephone Number

Every day thousands of travellers call the National Rail telephone number. They do so for a huge variety reasons, and for the most part, they get the help that they need almost immediately.

Why People Use the National Rail Telephone Number

Unsurprisingly, the main reason people call the National Rail telephone number is that they need to find out how to get from one part of the country to another. If you do not know the UK rail network well, working out how to get from Merthyr Tydfil to Leeds is not particularly easy. A surprising number of people assume they have to travel to London to complete a journey like that. In fact, you go to Cardiff, then Manchester and onto Leeds. The National Rail team will quickly tell you what your options are and tell you how often the necessary trains run. Should you wish to you can book a ticket with their help.

As well as general travel queries the National Rail phone number is used by people looking for things that they left on the train. They also help the disabled and holders of special train cards to understand what their travelling options are.

Finding the National Rail Telephone Number

If you need the National Rail telephone number the internet is the place to go to find it. You have two options. You can go direct to the National Rail website and find it on there or you can go to an online third party phone directory.

If you go to an online third party phone directory you will be able to find the number almost instantly. The number listed will normally be a 0871 number. This number may look strange, but using it has the advantage of your knowing exactly how much per minute you will be charged to make your call. Finding the National Rail telephone number on these sites is easy because everything is listed alphabetically. It is also possible to key in the search term National Rail, hit enter, and obtain the number that way. These websites are designed to be easy to use from a smart phone and are free to use.

If you need the National Rail telephone number quickly visit the SpeedyCall website. There you will find a 0871 number you can ring for as little as 10p per minute.
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