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   Do you really know what will happen when you invest in cheap flyer printing? Printing cheap might sound like a great idea at first.

   In truth, there are many consequences to you and your campaign if you do go for this path. Let me explain to you exactly what happens when you print cheap flyers. I hope that this should enlighten you in doing the right thing.

   1.     You get less audience impact – Cheap tools for distribution typically mean that you will get less audience impact. Many cheap kinds have been done before of course, and for information campaigns, those cheap prints are enough. However, if you plan to use such for marketing or advertising, they have been proven to get less audience impact time and time again. Simply put, if people are not impressed with the quality, they will think twice before they actually follow or become engrossed with its contents. If you print cheap marketing tools, you should know that you would be risking a lot of audience impact for that money savings.

   2.     You may lose your competitive edge – Cheap prints also tend to cause you to lose your competitive edge in marketing. It is simple logical thinking really. If your rivals are printing better higher color quality, people will want to respond to those faster than with your cheaper and faded type custom flyers. Therefore, if you are in a business with lots of local competition, cheap printing might actually be a bad thing for your marketing efforts. Consider this really well once you print your color flyers.

   3.     You should not be able to build a good business image – Another thing that you should know is that such will hamper any of your plans to build a good business image. Typically, most readers judge by the book cover of course or in this case, the print itself. If it looks cheap because of the cheap material, then they will judge you and your company through those cheap brochures. You will inevitably get your public business image tarnished and this may be very hard to repair. So consider this carefully once you decide on printing.

   4.     Your outputs will not last too long – Another logical consequence is that they will not last long. Cheap flyer printing means using thinner paper, which deteriorate quickly when exposed to moisture dirt and other physical damage. Your marketing material will typically have one-week lifespan at most and maybe a month if meant to be distributed only indoors. If you are planning a long term marketing campaign, they will not really be able to support you all the way because of this complication.

   5.     You will get fewer results – Finally, such will cause you to get fewer net results or responses. While they will still have that inherent ability to be a mobile and convenient tool for marketing, those will impress a lot less people, leading to a lot less responses from them. You will not get the higher rates of sales or buzz as you might have expected from other more professional prints simply because they are made cheaply with cheap materials. So prepare yourself for less people responses that you might be used to when you print cheaply.
   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in print flyers and flyer printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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