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   The fact is, cheap postcard printing should be done only as a last resort. This applies especially well to the previously mentioned material for marketing, wherein you use such as direct mail marketing tools.

   While it is understandable that some projects need to dial down the printing budget, there are hard real facts that you will face that you might not like too much when things are printed cheaply. Let me list these down for you so that you can really decide what is best for your marketing.

    1.     They typically arrive in worse conditions – such arrive to your readers in a worse condition that when you freshly printed them. This happens because most printing companies use very cheap materials in their prints. This means that those color postcards have inks and paper materials that deteriorate quickly as they are exposed to the outside environment. When you send such locally, they will be fine, but if you run them through the post office for a wide array disbursement, you will find that they will arrive with damage or deterioration to your readers.

   2.     They are thrown away typically – Another fact is that those kinds of prints typically are thrown away. Getting people to respond to great quality marketing postcards is hard enough, but if you send them a commercial postcard that looks cheap, they will count is really as just cheap junk mail that is worthy of being thrown to the trash. You should really be careful when you decide to print cheap.

   3.     They are not as remembered as you would want – It is also a fact that these are not as memorable to readers as you would want. Since they already are printed in cheap materials, the designs embedded into those prints typically will look cheap as well. No matter how great the image is as well as its message, the fact that it was cheaply made means that those design elements will not shine as good as they should. You will really have a weak kind of direct mail marketing campaign if you do print.

   4.     They do not get responses – Also, in most direct mail marketing campaigns, cheaply made ones typically do not get many responses, if at all. Most readers only respond to something that is compelling, impressive and of course trustworthy. A cheap output does not have those characteristics as others do. You cannot really expect a lot of good responses and results. They do not just have it in them really.

   5.     They can backfire on you badly – Finally, one cold fact that you will have to face is that they can actually backfire on you. Printing cheap might save you money, but it might tarnish your public reputation as a professional and trustworthy firm. It might even make your company or project look cheap in the eyes of readers. While for others that is a risk, they can take, for most small businesses and start-ups that can actually be a death sentence. So consider this concept carefully and see if you can deal with this consequence of bad postcard printing.
   Now you know the real facts about printing postcards at cheap costs. Are you ready to face all these consequences? Think about it carefully before you invest in the kind you need.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in postcards and postcard printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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