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   You can certainly create any kind of design to submit to a postcard printer. You will also want to always deliver a complete design that is fit for postcard printing.

   If there is one common thing that happens to amateurs, it is that most of their raw designs lack a few essential elements for a good color postcard for distribution. If you are a newbie to this, you might want to learn about all the essential design elements. Here is a list that should help you remember what you need to put into your designs.

   1.     A cover image – Of course, you need to have a cover image. However, you should not choose just any kind of image here. The proper kind of cover image is in full color and set in high resolution. Many beginners make the mistake in just inserting an image as is as they get it, without thinking of the actual image and dimension settings. So make sure that you analyze your prospective cover image first. Make sure that it is in full color and that it has a resolution of 300dpi or higher. These are the best kinds of settings for a cover image.

   2.     A template – You will also require a postcard template. This will essentially guide you on the right locations, dimensions and settings needed for a proper document draft for postcard printing. You can find these free over the Internet through many design blogs and printing companies.

   3.     Title and contents – Of course, your custom postcards will need a title and content. The title of course is meant for the cover, and it should be short and concise, but quite memorable. The main contents are typically reserved for the back, but some can be added to the front. This also needs to be as short as possible. Make sure that you compose these written materials well, and have someone recheck it for you for it to be fit to print.

   4.     Creative font styles – For the cover, you will need some creative font styles. While there can be a few already set into your design software, it typically is not enough. Try to download a few new and interesting creative font styles online through font databases like or

   5.     Headline font styles – You will also will want an option to get headline font styles or even body text font styles. These are called sans serif and serif fonts respectively. Make sure that you have this option ready for your main text content. Again, some of the best and newest fonts should be available for you free over the internet.
   6.     Posting elements – Do not forget to get a template or an example of posting elements. These are set design elements for the postal stamp as well as the, to and from fields. These are essential.

   7.     Border elements – Finally, you will also need some border elements. These balances out your layout so that it is fully centered in the draft and properly distanced from the edges. The border can be visible if you want as a design feature, or it can just be an invisible guideline. You can create this yourself, or get a template that already has this set.

   These are the important design elements that each color postcard needs. You will want to have these ready as you start designing.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in postcard printer and postcard printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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