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   Do you want the best outputs from your brochure printing project? Then, you should know the best choices for printing that you need to decide on in order to get the best possible prints.

   If you have not yet figured out what you need though, then this is the article to read. I will detail here exactly what the best printing choices are for you. It is not about choosing the most expensive printing options. It is about balancing all choices that gets the best and most impressive kinds of full color brochures. So let me describe for you one by one the best choices that you should try out.

   1.     Standard tri-fold configuration – The trifold brochure configuration is definitely the best option that you should choose. While there are many alternative fold types out there, nothing beats the simplicity of a tri-fold. People typically know what to expect from a tri-fold and they do not have trouble in opening and refolding these kinds (unlike other more complicated ones). Whether you are printing your first brochure or wanting to create some new and improved ones, the best option for printing will always be the tri-fold configuration.

   2.     Medium weight paper – When it comes to the thickness or the weight of the paper printing, your best choice will always be medium weight paper. You do not want something that is too thin and flimsy that easily breaks apart (20lb), and of course, you do not want something very thick that would cause the outputs to become hard to carry and fold (60-80lb). The middle ground options would be a 32lb paper, which is around the same quality as professional magazine paper. This gives a tough but light structure for your color brochures that is perfect for most uses.

   3.     Glossy paper coatings – Beyond the weight, you should also pay attention to the glossiness of the paper. For color printing, it is best to use paper materials that have glossy coatings. Glossier is better since gloss coatings act as both a shield to the elements and a finishing touch for that special glossy gleam effect. Just remember to tell your brochure printing company explicitly to use glossy paper to make sure that you get what you want.

   4.     High quality inks – When it comes to inks, you also have an option to go for the best here. It is good to try to get yours to be printed via the four color printing process. Four colors basically mean CMYK or Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. The combination of those four will provide millions more subtle color hues than the typical RGB or Red, Green and Blue combination. So if the option is available, always go for the best high quality inks rendered in CMYK.

   5.     Wholesale numbers – Finally, to get the most out of your resources, always try to print your orders in wholesale numbers. This means that you should not just order prints in batches of 10-50 pieces. Try to order 100-500 prints or more to get wholesale discounts in wholesale numbers. This is your ideal choice, as you will get more bangs per bucks here.
   Now you know all the best printing options for you. Make sure that you read through the details above again and remember each item. Use all the options above and your output should be able to arrive in the best quality for the best performance of its printed life.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in brochures and brochure printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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