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   Deployment of marketing postcards is more than just about postcard mailing. The whole concept of postcard printing for marketing revolves around the using them for a myriad of marketing environments.

   To further illustrate this concept, I am going to give you the prime locations that most experts utilize for their deployment. Try out your marketing efforts on these places.

   1.     Target market addresses – First of course would be your target market addresses. This is of course your mainstay for marketing, plus your best chance at precision promotions to the right people. Just make sure that your mailing lists are accurate and that you study precisely whom your target markets are that will respond favorably. With the right kind of accurate and responsive addresses, each copy should give you the best responses for the success of your marketing campaign.

   2.     Transportation stations and hubs – Another good location for deployment are transportation stations and hubs. Places like train stations, bus stops, airport terminals and other types of transportation nodes are always gathering points of people. By putting well-placed racks or stacks in those places, you can get people to pick up them up as they move along in their lives. Furthermore, by putting those at high traffic stations and hubs, you can get a significant amount picked up, helping you achieve your goals in a faster way.

   3.     Sporting arenas, courts etc. – Another good gathering place are sporting arenas, courts and other community activity places. These places are always full of people on the weekends. You will know where your specific target market is when you consider the types of activities done in those arenas. Just make sure of course to ask permission from the establishment if you can in fact deploy there. If you can get that permission, you should be able to gain a good venue for weekend marketing using your full color postcards.

   4.     Area lobbies, waiting areas and cashier lines – It is also a good place to target area lobbies, waiting areas and cashier lines for your deployment. When people are waiting at certain places, they tend to want to read something to pass the time. A rack precisely at those locations will of course always get them picked up. Just make sure to add a nice sign that says read me or take one and you will get almost all people waiting to get one of your marketing postcards. Again of course, you should ask permission from the owner of the establishment if it is applicable.

   5.     Entrances and exits – Finally, a prime location for brochure deployment are entrances and exits - more specifically - high traffic entrances and exits. As long as people always pass through that door, you will always get a person who is interested enough to pick up a free one. With the right kind of door, you can really get a lot of those picked up, especially if they have very visible and interesting covers.
   Now you know the right places where you should deploy. Try to go all out in deployment like this to get a far-reaching and precise impact with your marketing campaign.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in cheap postcard printing and postcard printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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