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    When it comes to flyer printing, one of the biggest questions when you take them out for marketing is how to distribute them. There are many different ways to give away color flyers.

   However, the two main doctrines for their effective deployment are targeted or mass distribution of those prints. So for most marketers, the question for flyer printing distribution really is, do you distribute them en masse? On the other hand, do you perform precision deployments in targeted markets? To clear out this question for you and let you figure out what is best for your campaign, here are the things that you will want to know about mass and targeted distribution.

   •     Why everyone likes mass distribution – Everyone likes to distribute their en masse simply because it is a simple and relatively effective way to market. All you have to do is to find areas with high traffic and high concentrations of people and you are good to go. You just need to hand those out to as many people as you can and your job is done. The great thing about this type distribution is that you get to cover all the bases. Even though you may have a target market, you can have chance to get your message out to other different kinds of people. You maximize all your marketing opportunities with this type of promotions, netting you the best amount of sales that you can get in a typical deployment session.
   •     Downsides of mass distribution – The problem is that it can get TOO much. In fact, with so many, you might saturate your market that they will eventually ignore your custom flyers. Moreover, this can also be a waste of paper especially if your marketing messages do not work. You will be paying for a massive volume of printed material, only to discover that they were not worth it and not good for the environment as well. Therefore, there is really a risk in mass distribution if you do not create properly.

   •     Good points on precision distribution – Now, on the other side of the fence, we have precision distribution. The great thing about distributing only at key places and people is that you use your resources wisely and efficiently. You will only be distributing with a minimum amount to the right kind of people that respond well to your marketing messages. This gives you a near 100% response rate, with absolutely no paper and ink wasted on them. If your targets are well chosen, you will get amazing returns for the most minimum amount of money and time allocated for the project.

   •     Bad points about precision distribution – Of course, the only real bad thing is that you will not be able to catch those chance opportunities too much. There might be a real good chance of getting that odd market demographic to go for your marketing message, but since you opted for precise distribution, those people will not get your flyers. It is a missed opportunity that some marketers will not like missing out on.

   •     Summary and Insights – So what do you think is the best method? Well, of course the best method is a combination of both. However, it all depends on your scope really for your marketing campaign.
   I would go for the mass distribution if you really have a big goal for marketing, and of course, I would go for the precision deployment if you really want only a key select group to do business with you. It is ultimately your choice. The facts above will help you in properly deciding how to execute your marketing campaign.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in print flyers and flyer printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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