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   When you are promoting to a rich market and higher economic classes, flyer printing is not the first thing that comes to mind to most marketers. However, such still has much a hold on higher economic classes.

   It also has a hold on medium and lower classes. All it takes is for some fine-tuning and design to make sure that those color flyers have what it takes to appeal to those rich consumers. Let me give you a few specific tips on how to do precisely this in your own printing process
   1.     Use unique templates – A typical flyer template will not work with those rich markets. You will need something very special and customized to be noticed. So try to use more customized templates that are a little bit larger, with shapes that are more sizes that are unusual or even folds. There are plenty of alternative configurations online so try to research and see what you can use. Having more unusual templates guarantee that higher income classes would notice your prints.

   2.     Deploy in the right locations with style – deploy correctly to specific people. Instead of just handing them away, you might want to place them in special racks or containers that flag those prints for attention. You might want to use a special treasure chest for example, or a creative take one tissue box with your marketing materials inside. Deploy those at areas where those richer target markets gather. With the right creative style of distribution as well as a targeted location, your flyers will get the attention it needs from those richer consumers.

   3.     Use only expensive materials – Now, you must always consider printing in the manner that befits its target market. Targeting richer demographics means that you will want your materials to be printed in the best and most expensive materials that you can afford. This means using higher quality paper and inks to get particularly impressive outputs with an additional gleam. This will help those markets accept your materials as professional prints and not throw them away as just cheap paper rags. Having better quality materials would make those prints potent to the high-class market.

   4.     Insert original professional images – Images should also have a certain high quality to them for them to attract those rich markets. Those cheap clip-arts and web-based images will not work well on these kinds of prints since they are typically low in quality. Better, take your own professional photographs with a good digital camera, or hire a freelancer to take or develop those images for you. The higher the resolution and the better the composition of those images, the better suited your color flyers should be at attracting those richer markets. So review your images in your custom flyers and make sure you insert the best original and professional images that you have.

   5.     Use specially made fonts – Finally, do not just use the typical built-in fonts. If you want to attract those rich demographics, you will want to acquire something more elegant and unique. Try to download better more stylistic fonts online so that your color flyers will appear more special in the eyes of those richer markets.

   As you can see, such can work with a little adjustment here and there when it comes to printing and design. Use this type of flyer printing to help you attract those crucial rich markets with your marketing campaign.
Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in color flyers and flyer printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Article By: Kaye Z. Marks

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