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   Are you a professional in brochure printing? Did you experienced those times wherein you do not know what else to do with your designs?

   After printing trifold brochures year after year and seeing all the different kinds of configurations tried out, it is only normal for you to actually be burned out, without inspiration for anything. In this guide however, I will teach you how to overcome this block in designing and printing. Here are some suggestions on getting new inspiration for your color brochures. If you really need to get some fresh new designs with a burnt out mind, here are the essential things you will want to do.

   1.     Reset your mind – First things first, you will want to reset your mind. Try at least for an hour or so to NOT think about designs and topics. In fact, you should stay away from your computer altogether and maybe go out for a walk. This should help you clear your mind so that new ideas can come in. My best suggestion would be to go out, maybe walk in a park or just browse through some department store. You might even want to go to a bookstore and just browse through books and magazines. Believe me, clearing your head like this should help reorganize your mind and let those new ideas flow.

   2.     Reset your environment – Another factor that might be clouding your mind for design is your environment. If you really consider yourself an artist or creative person, I would bet that your workstation is a bit messy. While this has contributed to your success for designs for a time, if you are having that design block, you might want to reset your environment and do a little spring-cleaning. Sometimes, with a cleaner, more organized environment, you can again get those creative juices working towards a better and unique color brochure designs.

   3.     Look at nature – You can also try looking for better and fresh types of inspiration. No other source is more appropriate for this than nature itself. Nature is, as many people put it, the original source of inspiration for many of our works, and it is no surprise that you can still gain many design lessons from it. So why not look at a tree, or maybe pictures of exotic environments and wildlife. This should get your mind working in various ways.

    4.     Look at OTHER kinds of prints – you might be having that design block because you have saturated yourself with designs and topics. It might actually be best for you to not review such. You should try to look at other kinds of prints such as flyers, catalogs and posters to see what they have been doing today. Sometimes you should get fresh new and unusual ideas from these other kinds of prints.

   5.     Carry a notepad and take down ideas every time – One big reminder as you go through search for new design ideas is to always try to carry a notepad with you, every time if possible. You never actually know when inspiration strikes and it is good to have a handy notepad ready for you to write down a design idea that might have popped into your head. Trust me, sometimes it is best to write down that idea fresh before you lose it later on.
   I hope that these tips should be enough to help you overcome that designing block for you.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in trifold brochures and brochure printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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