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   Getting to the big leagues in brochure printing is easy enough. You just need to do everything right and within professional standards, from layout to the printing itself.

   Let me teach you where you will need to focus your attentions on to make sure that your color brochures can make it to the big leagues. Just follow the tips below. It should be a cinch for you.

   1.     Use a professional configuration – To make it to the big leagues, your brochures must be made in a professional configuration. This means that the size and folds must meet some standards and you must not actually try to plug in your own size values or dimensions. This is because professional configurations like the standard commercial tri-folds are already pre-set for some printing companies. You will have better results on the long run if you use these configurations since those printers already known how to do those well. To apply professional configurations for your own prints, simply use professional templates that are freely available at online printing websites.

   2.     Adopt the prevailing professional style – To get to the big leagues in terms of style, you should of course adopt the prevailing professional style or design trends and just improve upon it when necessary. Do not just make up something from scratch, as you will not know how good you need to be to get into those big leagues. It is best to look at the best examples to date, and then just improve upon them and customize them to your own ends. This allows you to always be at par with professional outputs, making you more competitive.

   3.     Hire real photographers or artists for images – Now, if you want your images to be as good as those professional ones, you will want to hire real photographers and artists. Most great outputs have high quality color images that are made by real artists and professional photographers. If you happen to be a great artist or photographer then you should of course do your images yourself, otherwise, you will want to hire someone part time, or maybe even get a friend to do it so that the images are compose well. The better made the images, the more the print can match the quality of those big league outputs.

   4.     Get professionally made fonts – Most big league prints do not use those typically fonts found in desktop publishing software. They actually use either original color fonts, or the best and new professionally made fonts found on the web. So if you want to be with the big leagues, use those new style professional fonts as well. There should be plenty of free sources of those new style fonts on the Internet, so just do a simple search and try to get them. Believe me. This would make a big difference so make sure that you do get those professional fonts.

   5.     Use the best paper and inks – Finally, if you really want to be in the big leagues when it comes to printing, you will need to use the best paper and inks. Quality paper and ink is a mark of a great and professional full color brochure that is why you will want to tell your brochure printer to hold nothing back and use all the best materials. It might be expensive, but you will get that full professional finish that you are aiming for.
   Now you know how to get your color brochures to the big leagues in design and printing. Just follow the items listed above. It should be easy for you to be at par with those big leagues in color brochure printing.

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in brochures and brochure printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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