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   Printing posters is much of an art rather than a science. As such, every time you are choosing a printing company to design and print your posters, hire the one with more sense of creativity.

   In addition, you have to hire the printing company with knowledge of the science of printing. The best way for you to review a printer is through their samples. In this article, you will learn how to judge a sample print material.

   •     Distorted images or graphics – it is a must for you to see if the samples of your chosen printer have distorted or cluttered images and graphics since distorted images is usually a sign of a bad printing and scaling. Some beginners or amateur printing companies scale the outputs that will match their printing dimensions. Every time this happens, the images within the design will look distorted as the right scaling process of the images was ignored to fit the dimensions that they have. This is of course the bad kind of printing that must be avoided. Therefore, it is always a must to take notice of these things and change the printing options if you need to.

   •     Faded or intense colors – you might sometimes want to take a good look at the colors of the sample print materials and see whether they are faded or intensely colored. Too intense color or faded color printing usually means that the printing machines that they have utilized in printing are not calibrated professionally. Therefore, if you do print with colors, the images and the text placed on it may look different from what you see on the computer monitor.

   •     Spills and blots – aside from the first two issues, it is also a must for you to watch out for spills and blots in the inks of the sample materials. Some are subtle. However, these little spills as well as the blots are bad signs for your print materials. This problem means that the laser, jet or the actual metal fold of the printing machine is not as accurate as it looks like. If you want your images to be crisp and clear, it is necessary for you to watch out for these blots and spills.

   •     Inaccurate printing process – if you notice that your sample posters have misaligned elements, this is also a bad sign of inaccurate printing process. All online professional printing companies must have the best tools and materials for printing your print materials.

   •     Last but not the least is bad cutting – this is a very simple sign that you should watch out for in your poster printing. Bad cutting is usually seen if you look at the edges of your materials. If you do not see a smooth cut, then your materials are bad. Therefore, make sure to watch out for these problems.
   Although these errors are simple, it is important for you to be cautious of them. You want the most out of your investment, right? So be sure you are getting flawless output. A good way to ensure this is to research about the printer. You can ask testimonials from the previous clients of the printer if you are not satisfied with the sample they have given.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in posters and poster printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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