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    Do you want to know how to market your color brochures effectively this holiday season? If you do, then let me help.

   I have here below some of the best marketing practices that you should know that will help you be more successful with your custom brochures. This is more than just using brochure templates mind you. This is about picking the right design and printing processes that will maximize the chance of getting responses during the holiday market season.

   •     Print more – The basic rule of numbers apply in the holiday market season. The more you print brochures, the more people you reach. Everybody is open to receiving promotional materials during the holidays because typically most of them are trying to find the best deals possible. So do not be afraid to print more color brochures during the holidays. A proven market technique really does give you significant results and responses.

   •     Use festive colors – Of course, it is also important that you get with the holiday spirit of things and use festive colors. Using those old color themes will just not do since people are always looking for something current and festive. So make sure that you always try to use festive colors in your themes. You can of course reinvent these themes though and use interesting alternatives if you want. As long as the fresh new spirit of the holidays is preserved, then they should be able to succeed effectively this season.

   •     Adapt stronger materials – Now, such marketing materials in the holiday market season will of course be exposed to the hard environmental effects that this season brings. The rain, snow, mud and all other physical aspects can really hurt your products. That is why it is good to upgrade your brochure printing using a better and stronger material. The stronger the paper that you use, the more fresh looking and inviting they should be. I would recommend using very water resistant and dirt resistant paper materials so that they can shrug off some of the more common environmental problems that such have to endure. Thicker material is also better so that simple physical damages from folds and crumpling would not help make it degraded quickly. These might be expensive a bit, but trust me, it is all worth it.

   •     Diversify designs – During the holiday season, it is also very highly recommended that you diversify your designs. Do not just use one type of design for the whole holiday market. True professionals try to catch the whole holiday market with different targeted designs. So make sure that you try to diversify your designs so that you can get a wider variety of people as customers.

   •     Diversify distribution channels – Finally, you should also diversify your distribution channels. Just giving those away at your shop will not net you the success that you want. You should always try other avenues for distribution. Send them in the mail, or maybe add a candy freebie so that more people pick it up. The more distribution channels you have, the more people you will reach and of course, the better chances of during the holiday season.
   So remember all these great marketing practices. Use these tricks to help you succeed quite immensely with your marketing campaign.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in brochures and brochure printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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