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   One of the worst mistakes in flyer printing is for a person to pass a draft that is not yet well prepared. If a bad draft is passed on, it is going to be nothing more than wasted paper, inks and money. 

   It is important for you to always get your flyers ready before the mass production process begins. Let me teach you how to prepare your drafts in just five simple steps. Follow the five steps below. Your drafts should be well optimized if you do.

   1.     Review sizes, dimensions – The first initial important thing to do would be to review the actual size and dimensions of your flyer draft. Many amateurs make the mistake in making color flyers in custom dimensions only to see them converted and stretched to proper dimensions for full-scale printing. To make sure that your own designs are not distorted and you comply with standard printing processes, you should review the size and dimensions. Compare those to standard templates used and provided by flyer printing companies and see how these pan out. If it matches, you should be well ready for printing. Otherwise, you will need to change your drafts to match those standard settings.

   2.     Proofread text – Of course, it should be obvious that you will need to check the text and make sure they are okay. Let me emphasize though that you will need to proofread your text and pay attention to the spelling grammar and overall directness of the text. Text for marketing will always need precise wording, perfect spelling and grammar, plus an optimized length that is easy to read. Make sure that all of these aspects are present before you pass them for printing.

   3.     Check image quality – You will also want to check the image quality. The cleaner, clearer and more vivid the images are the better. The best way to do this is to always insert a high-resolution image in the draft. Images that are at 300dpi or higher are recommended. Below that and you should not actually insert those for printing. Of course make sure that the cropping is right, and that no odd pixels, noise or dots are in those images. You only need a careful eye in this so it should be easy.

   4.     Check the alignments and bleeds – Next, you will want to check the alignments of all the text and image elements as well as the bleed of the background beyond the main dimensions. You will not want bad alignments and missing printing bleeds to ruin your color flyers, so make sure everything is checked.

   5.     Do some sample testing – Finally, to fully prepare for printing, you might want to do some sample testing. Just print them out in your house or office printer, and then see how it looks. Give it to other people and get their feedback. Oftentimes, you and other people should notice and gaping errors or bad characteristics outright. This lets you improve those areas before you go on mass-producing.
   These are the steps on how you can get your drafts ready. It should be easy enough for anyone to do this, as long as you follow the steps one by one.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in color flyers and flyer printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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