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   Foreclosure, the word seems to fear any home owner but there are ways to get out this situation. Short sales, is what prevents you from foreclosure with the additional help of flat fee listing. Not everyone who faced foreclosure was aware of short sale which is the best preventive method. If you are not aware of short sale (which we have discussed regarding in previous articles), it is the way to list your property in flat fee MLS at less market price which recovers the mortgage money. But this is not always the case in short sales, to let you know. Many a times there are short sale investors who are willing to good price of your property enough for you to make profit.

   Foreclosure has always been a terrifying word for everyone and not many have avoided it. Crisis still looms over each of US citizen head with increased number of unemployment and loss in business. This has resulted in failure of non-paying of mortgage instalments and receiving foreclosure notice from lenders. But there are ways when as a home owner you get these sort of notices and face such embarrassing situation. The best available option that thousands of home owners in verge of facing foreclosure have done, that is “Short Sale”. But still the questions rises, how, when and whom to approach to get this done.

    To learn the basics of short saleyou can surf the internet and find many short sales companies who provide enough material to make you understand how short sales work. One can go through Wikipedia or various articles and blogs posted by experienced people in this field. But still the main issue is to whom to consult and believe the right person to avoid foreclosure. Well, short sales agents are there who have years of experience in this field and have helped thousands of home owners skipping the foreclosure process. The work of short sales agent is not only to convince the lender to go for short sale, but they also list that as short sales property in MLS which we also call flat fee listing.

   I have been in real estate field for years and haven’t seen such a rise in foreclosure cases. Short sale agents have really done great work in saving thousands of such home owners from social embarrassment. Believe it or not due to short sale it has resulted in decline of foreclosure cases. Short sale agents list those properties in flat fee listing charging very low upfront fees. It’s not that listing in MLS only gets property owners the money which they can pay to lenders. But many a times there short sale investors who look to pay the right market price of the property which is profitable and enough to lease a new home.

   Get in touch with some licensed and experience short sale agents who have been in this for some time and have good clientele. A good reference from your friend regarding any short sales agent will also work in your favour. According to my experience short sale is the best way to avoid foreclosure and best decision from you works you way.

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