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   Competition is everywhere these days, even in flyer printing. If you think that your flyers are being muscled by other more convincing ones, it is important to analyse these rivals to help you improve.

   So let me help you out by giving you all the important steps to conduct a competitive analysis on your rivals. Just go through the list below and follow through on the analysis. All these steps will give you insights on the competitiveness of your rivals and learn the best ways to beat them.

   •     Look at their size – First, look at their size. Size matters in flyer printing. Typically, large color flyers have a larger emotional impact on readers than smaller ones. While you should not necessarily print such, all the time, you will want to match the relative size of your rivals so that your own prints will look on par with them. It does not necessarily have to be exactly their same size, but it should have a relative dimension that looks competitive with those prints.
   •     Look at their headline – Next, you should focus your analytic attention on the headline. You should see if the headline is connecting to readers creatively and powerfully. Ask yourself if they are playing on the important issues of readers or if they are getting their excitement up on a certain kind of benefit. Check out the style of how they wrote the headline. Was it playful? Authoritative? Alternatively, maybe it was styled with the language and colloquialisms of the target market? You will need to match and surpass what your rivals are doing if you want to succeed.

   •     Look at the printing quality – It is also good to see and analyze the printing quality of your rivals. Look at the precise thickness or weight of the paper used, as well as the coating used for the paper itself. See if the inks are printed precisely, and of course, the cuts and alignments of the design should be very accurate and precise. If your rivals are printing very expensive looking color flyers with glossy paper and impeccable printing, then you will need to match that quality as well to compete with those rivals.

   •     Look at their deployment areas – On the distribution side of things, you will want to look at the precise areas where others are being deployed. It should be easy enough to figure out, as you will notice these being distributed probably where you will want to give away your prints as well. Try to take notes concerning the exact locations they are being deployed so you can implement your own deployment through their locations. Use your research as a basis for a more extensive and better distribution plan that will beat your rivals in flyer marketing.

   •     Look at their deployment schedules – Lastly, you should look at the timing of those deployments. Are your rivals distributing every day? Do they have precise schedules where traffic concentration is highest? Do they repeat their efforts in distribution several times in one area? These questions and their answers will give you insights on the exact timing of your flyers so that you will know when you can catch the attention of readers without saturating your market too much.
   These are the different steps on analysing your rivals in flyer printing competitively. Once you do these, it should be easy to print more powerful and potent printed materials that can beat your rivals.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in print flyers and flyer printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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