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   One of the many uses of postcard printing is relationship building or relationship marketing. This is the act of using color postcards to build relationships with certain important partners in business such as investors, clients or even retail customers.

   While it does sounds easy in paper, printing for these purposes does need some specific skill and training to pull off properly. It is not just about getting good templates and a great postcard printer. You will have to be specific with some of your design choices. In this special guide, I will teach you all the basic things you will need to do. Just follow the five items below.

   1.     Present a good image about yourself – Of course, the first step in relationship marketing using postcards is to present a good image about you inside the designs. Though it should not be the most prominent feature, it should imbue your specific style and character. A nice logo or a special signature of course is always warranted in this type of design. In addition, you will want to put in special quotations, or even a small explanation of you or your business. The better they understand your philosophy or your corporate philosophy, the more you can build relationships with them.

   2.     Be consistent – As much as possible, to maintain that good relationship, you must always be consistent. If you are presenting yourself as the professional business partner or the innovative and creative partner, all your succeeding outputs should always have that theme. The more consistent these messages are, the more they will remember the image you are projecting and of course, the more convinced they should be about it. So make sure you keep to your theme always.

   3.     Be personal and concerned – When it comes to the messages themselves, you should always be more personal and concerned with the reader. By doing this, you can actually illicit a conversation from your readers, helping you build relationships effectively using your color postcards. Give them the right greetings, call them by their first name, and if possible give them a message that goes straight to the heart of the issues they are concerned with. Once they are really connecting, your business postcards can turn into a real type of relationship building print.

    4.     Send one in every proper opportunity – Of course, to keep at building relationships with these prints, you should never miss the opportunity to send one at the right times. Try to cover all the important holidays and the changes in season so that you are always visible and present into your readers lives. It is unsolicited mail if everything is timed right with the right holiday greeting.

   5.     Print with the best materials – Lastly, to make the best impression possible and build the best relationships, always print with the best materials. Having thicker paper is better. If you can, try to employ glossy coatings on the cover to make it more impressive. Full color is mandatory at this stage, as well. With the best materials, your outputs will last longer to impress your readers and make sure that they realize you are serious.
   This is how you build relationships with full color postcards in hand. With the right message, designs and strategies, you should be building quite beneficial and perhaps profitable relationships for the future.

   Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in postcard printer and postcard printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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