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   Thanks to the several laws passed in the German country and these laws were aimed to prevent the outbreak of bubonic plague. The instructions were loud and clear for the citizens to properly cover the tins and other vessels that had food and beverages in order to avoid any kind of infection. Rich people used the silver bowls to enjoy their favorite drinks. The first steins were simple mugs that came up with a hinged lid. It was simply made up of the stoneware materials and looked pretty simple. However, innovations in the making and designing of these steins became obvious during the seventeenth century.

   The modern day renaissance artists of 17th century added glamor to these steins and made them very appealing. They were carved with historical and biblical pictures with figurative information. The popularity of German steins was gaining momentum throughout the globe and the elite members of the society ordered for high quality steins. They were made out of silver and glass. The Chinese steins came up in the picture and gave a good competition to the German steins. The innovation in making was made through a substitute material for porcelain, called faience. These were adorned with exemplary designs and painting works and superior in quality when compared to Chinese steins.

   The stunning colors and designs attracted a huge attention from all sorts of people around the globe. The Europeans perfected the art of making porcelain steins in the mean time and the18th century witnessed the birth of breathtaking design patterns and color elements. Steins were made out of enameled glass, engraved glass, ivory and silver. Beer lovers have started appreciating the innovation in terms of art and recognized them regardless of the materials. The detailed artworks in the Metlach steins were very famous during the 18th century and they depicted the pictures of individuals dancing, bowling, hunting, singing etc. These were termed as character steins.

   The modern day steins come with variety of designs and they excel in the workmanship. The handmade designs portray the finest of quality with the stunning color combination. Steins collecting has become a popular hobby for many people and these materials are considered to be highly worth. They are collected for the intrinsic value that will depict a long lived history and the golden era of beer drinkers. Collecting these age old steins will add to your investment portfolio as they are priced very high in the market.

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